>Just yesterday in our Mass Communication Lec we were discussing Ayn Rand and how her books brought almost a revolution into many people’s lives. I read Atlas Shrugged and FountainHead when I was about eighteen and I remember how much impact it had.
I find those thoughts too extreme but there are many things that can be gleaned from it. From my perspective the world she envisioned was free of corruption and politics and more based on one’s capabilities which I think is Utopian. However her work includes a lot of self glorification and in Atlas Shrugged especially the people with John Gault are shown to be natural geniuses in some field. I don’t know how far that is true. Or maybe it was the other way around and only the geniuses thought about leaving.
Whichever way I feel that people have both sides to them. Everyone has a natural tendency towards corruption, favouritism and bias. It is an individuals call to grow and expand his/her horizon to be able to be fair in one’s opinions and thoughts from which his action would bear just fruits.
This post has become kind of philosophical 🙂