You’ll haven’t misread the title of this article, it isn’t English (you phew in relief you haven’t come across yet another unknown english word). It is actually the ancient language of Alagaesia, in the inheritance cycle by Christopher Paolini :p
This is the 3rd book of the cycle which was surprisingly released on my birthday and I didn’t even know about it otherwise some of my friends would have to gift it to me :p
This book was very very good. It was the writing style that made all the difference, cause many of the ‘secrets’ revealed are quite traditional ones (Like stories of the Edunari of the dragons is very common if I can say so of such a royal race) and if written poorly would become very cliched! But it was not so, the narration kept me in the story all the way through, so much so that by the time the book ended I wanted a lot more.
This book did not surprise me it just became more and more delicious, especially the Brisingr Sword bit was awesome!! 

Fo those that have not read the inheritance trilogy well if you like fantasy fiction then I would suggest go for it. The entire story from Eragon, Eldest and Brisingr is not exactly novel or different or anything but it is written in a very quaint, honest manner that renders the story very interesting.

You can play an interesting Inheritance cycle game here. It is a java based one with no graphics and not many might enjoy it or get the hang of it. But I really like these kinds, will write more on these java games later.

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  • >The book was okay. I did not like most of it. But the end was good. He killed Oromis and Glader (well, his body technically) for no reason. Or maybe to make is even, 2 Vs 2 in last book… Whatever reason, don’t you think the stress on Roran was little too much. I agree with you that it might hold some importance in book 4. But that seems highly unlikely. I mean, clanmeet ended very soon (as compared to the rest of the book) and still it was dragged beyond limit.It is my opinion though…

  • >what do you mean 2 v/s 2? There is thorn and Murtagh and galbatorix and shruikan v/s eragon and saphira! Its 4 (lot of edunaris) v/s 2(1 edunari)!Clan meet ended very soon and I was glad cause i find excessive dwarf talk boring!!Another wonderful thing in the book was the urgal and human alliance and the consequences of that was well done.Umm abt roran I was surprised how much was spoken abt him but I want to wait till the last book ere talking of that. See if he breaks into urubaen and captures the green egg (far fetched) then it can only be justified given his past very heroic exploits. And definitely the feats of roran were worth talking right? It wasn’t just chattering abt roran!I haven’t put Eragon in league with LOTR or anything hence I just wanted to read what the book without comparison and I found it great!Thanks for the comment!

  • >On second thoughts…. Roran might actually be the leader in going and breaking galbatorix’s edunari’s!

  • >Oh… by 2Vs2 I meant, the green dragon and Saphira Vs Galbatorix and Murtagh… Not considering the heart of the hearts.There is some talk about vault of souls from where Eraogon will get energy and stuff… let’s hope that book 4 does justice to the story (not like Harry Potter, Eragon should not become very clever and powerful all of a sudden).

  • >HAHAH harry potter was such a let down in the end!! It wasnt even funny.But… well yes vault of stones will definitely be crucial. Umm Actually I have my doubts as to whether the green dragon will hatch at all… Because I just dont think there is enough time to hatch it and actually get them ready for any use… cause the varden probably dont have the magic to make them grow faster like it is done with Murtagh, so… the balance I feel will still be off… and probably the last book will have more arya – eragon romance and their final leaving.. which has been kind of foretold. And it will end as… the end of dragon riders has ended and it is time for the various races to take over… :p

  • >Yeah right. The green dragon might not hatch at all… OR, it might hatch for Arya at the end of the book (after the battle, by sensing her from the egg). Maybe a male. She and Eragon and their dragons leave alagaesia. (And breed more dragon eggs :p)

  • >:) ya… could be