Chandrayaan finally lifted off. I say finally cause well the launch was scheduled before and then it was post poned to now.  And now it has gone….
This is really interesting.. and the way plans are going I am feeling a little woe be gone for changing my childhood plans. 
Well my childhood plans were to become an astronaut, and so I thought I had to be elligible to join NASA. Now it seems that was not needed!! I could become an Indian astronaut! 
Don’t pay much heed to my woe is me stories 😀 I can go on and on with this enjoying myself… have I become old?? hmmm I should think about this.
And looking at how grossly I have diverged from my main topic of post “Chandrayaan” ….
Anyway … so chandrayaan seems a pretty interesting piece of work, the objectives are
  • To form a 3D atlas of the moon!
  • Detection of some minerals and chenicals
  • Some photological testing will also be done. Which will basically look at the bombardment of cosmic particles, radioactive substances in the surface etc..
Mainly this mission will be India’s first mission away from Earth, to another celestial body! Cheers!

Chandrayaan will be settling in a polar orbit, which means it will be orbitting the moon about its poles. This is a good orbit to map out the polar regions of the moon which are as yet shrouded with mystery. Also this means that the spacecraft will orbit the moon’s bright side and dark side in one revolution. This would enable us to get great DSOM data. 

All in all I am quite proud of our first attempt. I still call it attempt cause well it is still on its way.

As for media coverage, DNA had a first page story on it and a entire sheet on it inside, the TV also mentioned it… so I am happy that it has been given importance.

One thing I would really like is having minute to minute info abt this yaan, I think it shouldn’t be too difficult, cause I am sure ISRO gets the info, so a web portal which kinda keeps the trajectory, position mapped live seems good. 

Maybe I can write a letter regarding this to ISRO 🙂
I have been doing a lot of that.
(Image from ISRO)

For more detailed official info, check out : Chandrayaan Site

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