I just took a week off from all work and internet activities. Mixed around with family members, rangoli colours, contemplated and generally disapproved of crackers.

Various celebrations took place around the world on this occasion that apparently depicts the coming of Rama back into world from Sanyaas.

One such function was at Isha Yoga Centre, where a 1,000 lamps were lit at their multi-religious temple called the Dhyanalinga. This Centre is abt an hour away from Coimbatore, an interesting location to visit.

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  • >When did Rama go on ‘Sanyaas’, in the first place??

  • >Well, ummm I wrote sanyaas cause I think his father asked him to take sanyaas for a stipulated period of time. I might be mistaken or maybe I had read another version of it :pMaybe you can shed some light on it.

  • >Ok my mistake, I asked my dad about it, he said it was ‘vanvaas’.I got confused cause the two gujarati words sound similar and I kept remembering the orange clothes the rama, sita and laxman wore in the Ramayana serial that used to come many years ago.