Hurrah for Obama! Heard his speech was good after winning. Hope sense and humanity shine through his deeds.

For the ongoing MNS and Raj Thackeray Debacle….
Just read this really good post

It is has an interesting perspective about Maharashtrians going all over the globe actually and working; then why should others be stopped from working in Maharashtra.

Also another thought on MNS is that their point might actually be legit to a certain extent but currently what Raj Thanckeray and MNS are wroughting is really goonda gardi in its grossest sense. And because of them the cause of Marathi Manoos might actually lose any genuineness it might have!
The government both central and state need to take strong stands against such wanton violence, moreover individual mumbaikar needs to make a stand.

In fact in retaliation to any more violence/killing/harassing of a non-maharashtrian in Mumbai, Mumbaikars should go on strike. I know that such strikes have many consequences, but the government’s inaction is really not excusable.

It has been a couple of weeks since Raj Thackeray was freed on bail.. and nothing of the case is being reported hence.

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  • >I landed on your blog from ajayshah's blogpost on MNS.You seem to be passionate about the topics you write. Keep it up.But there are several mistakes in the prose, grammar and usage. For someone "Pursuing a Post Grad Journalism and Mass Communication Course"it may not look nice. Pls strive to minimise such errors..Examples:Hope sense and humanity are shine (??) through his deeds.are shine?=================cause of Marathi Manoos might actually loose any genuinity it might have!its 'lose' and genuinenessGood luck and God bless !ShankarL&T

  • >:) I saw the ‘are shine’ mistake but was too lazy to edit the article. I like to be particular about my english, its good of you to tell me, so I don’t get lax.I genuinely did not know that there is no ‘genuinity’ but there is genuineness!Thanks for stopping by and letting me know.

  • >Changed a few things in the article, I think it is better written now.

  • >Well, good job and keep it up !CheersShankar L&T