A long awaited post is the one on CNN Heroes 2008. I put their widget on the sidebar. I dunno how many really checked it out.
Well the winner got declared and I didn’t have any chance to write about it.

It is an US person, Liz who has worked for rebuilding homes for the Katrina Hurricane affected in US.

At first I wondered whether there some bias FOR a US based effort from CNN’s side because I would think that some south asian or african effort would need fundand recognition more.

However I have been hearing about Katrina a lot actually. Is it possible that aid is still needed? US being so developed and all I would think that they would have a very good disaster management procedure to tackle such a calamity better than any other country.

Even in India when there is a calamity like Bihar Flood, tsunami I think there is no shortage of monetary and material aid everybody does chip in. What is really lacking is an infrastructure to deliver the aid properly, as a result lot of the aid is lost in the process.

I would actually like to study how US tackles a disaster… in terms of police/government response, people, media etc.. right after the event.

Anyway one reason could be that most US people might have voted for the heroes more than any other nationality and they voted for Liz cause Katrina affected them directly. Again this makes me question how effective such polls really are, whether people even make an effort to be objective while taking such decisions which have big real life consequences.

Let me clarify here that Liz seems to be doing some great work! 

Top 10:
The Top 10 include some african, central america, south asian causes. The person I voted for Yohannes Gebregeorgis (talk of unpronouncable names) 😀 is also top 1o. I like his cause, it is about making libraries in Ethiopia cause the children there have no access to books. 
I love books and I think a book can become a great source of joy for children, especially in a unstable unevironment!

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