Well, lot of marriage related stuff in my life happening,
  • My friend and employer is getting married in another 10 days! Wow sadly I will not be at the shaadi cause my Journalism exams are on 16th and the event is in Gurgaon… (which makes me a bit tense cause I don’t have notes for my first paper, forget having started studying)
  •  Another gujju friend from USA is currently in Mumbai and is looking at girls for shaadi. Going through the ‘meeting in CCD and chatting drill’ and hoping that he gets the much awaited one! :p
  • An upcoming shaadi I have to attend is my close cousins which will happen in April for which I need to find a dress! So preparations of a very fashionable, funky dress to wear in her shaadi is going on. (If you are into dresses send me a buzz, cause I have some interesting plans but not much implementation has happened) 🙂

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  • >Ha… So that’s the reason your articles have a professional touch. Journalism… that’s good. So… how are your studies coming up really?

  • >aah so my articles have a ‘professional touch’ how nice of you to say that!Well I started reading my notes in train while I went to work today.I will be getting notes for tuesdays exams on saturday night. So…. :Dlets see