Just watched the movie Australia by Baz Luhrmann! Great movie! 
However it is not a conventional kinda movie, and kinda hatke. He has made this movie after a long time. His last movie was Moulin Rouge which I saw quite a few times.
This movie had some trademarks of his work, drama, opera music often in the background, wierd emphasis on Nicole Kidman, while some absolutely phenomenal bits were much shorter while in other movie such scenes are usually prolonged! 

Around a tale of an aboriginal witch doctor and his grandson is a war, revenge, love, passion filled back drop. Or that was the way I saw it :p
I pretty much loved the movie and his work! Some real good acting from Hugh Jackman and

 some other people! Some aspects of this movie are on the lines of the Whalerider.

The Whalerider is another very wonderful movie, about a little girl that rides the whales quite literally 🙂

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  • >Interesting ! I remember going to the movieplex and it was like a toss-up b/w Ghajini and Australia. Ultimately, settled for Ghajini. The other-one that I did see is Slumdog, offcourse not in the multiplex 🙂

  • >Hi Daksh,I initially wanted to see Ghajini for the screenplay and Aamir’s acting but I skipped it cause I was not in the mood for the violence and stuff.Australia turned out to be right down my lane :)I pretty much loved the movie.