>It is funny to be walking down the street with so many people passing by, whom I know nothing about, and probably for most, I will never know anything about them.

Given the population of the Earth I probably won’t see a large number of them, let alone personally meet them.

I do not really want to meet them all, but at the least I wish to acknowledge everyone.
It seems the way that man is living that most of them live only for their small circle. Their family, their dreams, their ambitions …..

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  • >If you meet many then you will have to see a lot of trouble.

  • >is this a dooms day prophecy?? 🙂

  • >Meeting many people brings you face to face with many different faces of life and the way of living it. Can be very pleasent at times but can also be evenly disturbing. Its about how you handle unpleasent things.If you will try to change it, you will feel happy and if you will just pity on you, you will get notinh but some depression..

  • >I am not thinking of meeting many people, it is more about acknowledging people whether I meet them or not. 🙂