>Just returned from social media summit hosted by Taj Lands End :p (free food)
Attended couple of panel discussions and presentations.
(I am a lazy blogger who writes a few salient point she remembers cannot describe all the good stuff, as I saw in the #mbm post.)

Well the highlight point of discussion, for me would be when the NDTV Media’s chief exec Raj Nayak spoke about the biggest strength and weakness of social media.

He basically asked the audience how many read the newspaper before coming to the summit, so a large many raised their hand.
He then asked them who remembers the ad on the front page and many hands went down.
His point being that while premier rates are paid for front page ads in print media and still one doesn’t know how many people actually read and recollect it.

While simply because the click through numbers are measurable in social media, people say that online advertisements have very low turn out.

The online advert campaigns is measurable accurately unlike print/TV media which is its strongest point.
Since after measuring the clickthrough rates are very low thus people don’t want to pay for these ads!! This becoming the greatest weakness!

Cool point!

The panel members in the summit were many bigshots from Google India, NDTV Media, Tata Teleservices, Rediff etc… though I felt discussion (esp from the audience point of view) could have had more depth.

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  • >It was not the Rediff VP but Raj Nayak, CEO of NDTV media. I guess you were sleeping there. But dont blame you, some of those discussions by old foggies indeed can put you to sleep!

  • >Agree the newspapers are charging a bomb for stupid ad space which no one recalls and online every marketer wants detailed reports. Btw it was ndtv guy who highlighted not Rediff. The post lunch season was boringThe rocking guys at the summit according to my opinion were Suhel Seth and then Faisal Farooqui of Mouthshut.com and parminder Singh of googleOther sessions I was sleeping as the old foggies were too full of themselves. Excellent blog.

  • >Ok two unknown entities in the blogosphere,I have checked it out that it was indeed Raj Nayak, so will be editing the post.Parminder Singh of Google was interesting, in fact will just be checking out the Devesh Verma link.

  • >*Devesh Mishra