>Just been to Bengaluru to my close cousins marriage! Quite hectic especially since I was quite close family to the bride. It means two things, one is that I had to wear heavier clothes which are less comfortable; two do more work, and be present everywhere in all ceremonies…. #tired!
Some interesting observations of Bengaluru which is where the marriage was..

The kannada staff can just start yelling around in the middle of the event if they have a problem 😀 I am serious; this happened twice middle of the noisy lunch a kannada woman who was collecting used plates starts screaming at her co worker…

Another time the waiters of a restaurant started fighting in front of us… and we actually had to wait until one of them looked our way to ask for the bill :p

Bangalore also has shuttle bus services to the airport from the city, it is pretty cool! One of the big differences in this city are the wide usage of kannada as the main language compared to Mumbai which is all Englishified.

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  • >Mumbai is never Englishified [:X]even it lost its English name too. It is more of Marathi and Hindi … I never felt the way you did. May be you are with the wrong crowd better have a appointment with RAJ.Kidding

  • >Arey just see the shop names, instructions on buses, billboards all in English.If you go to Bangalore you cannot cannot miss the kannada script EVERYWHERE on shop store boards, bill boards, buses instructions!News papers lying around are all kannada even the TV in the club had max kannada channels! Sun TV!

  • >Same problem i faced two weeks back when i visited bangalore. But, ppl there are used to ateast 3languages that made me comfortable being a tamilian.Much to my surprise was a conductor started speaking hindi immediately identifying me a non-kannada 🙂