>I surprise myself as I blog about Maggi. Can’t help it, I make all these delicious (for health foodies atleast!) Maggi versions and I just feel like sharing with my blog readers :p

So if you have ever been to an IIT, IIM, or other canteens, they generally have a Maggi counter. This Maggi is different from home Maggi, cause it is overcooked.
I really like this overcooked Maggi, recently just made it with a chopped tomato, capsicum and some cabbage.

Instead of the masala I put ajwain, oregano and salt. A little bit (half slice) of cheese.

Quite rockin!

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  • >Maggi is something almost everyone loves.. Still i have rarely seen anyone blogging about it. Can we draw conclusion you actually blog about things that touch our lives rather than writing on some crap topics?

  • >More like I blog abt things that touch my life… 🙂 BTW you know if you go up north to Gangotri, then to Gaumukh…there are many foodstalls.. and what they serve is Maggi and Coke!

  • >Maggi served at college canteens is the best….I still remember those meals of maggi….sast aani mast!Cheers,Quirky Indian

  • >yea 🙂

  • >i had been til Badri and Kedar bu did not travel till Gagotri.. That has been one of my awaited travel..