>After facebook’s change to become twitter, I have not been too cool with it! Here is why:

I have no problem if forsome reason half my friends on FB wanna take 10 quizzes a day, but if these quizzes block my entire stream, then its really stupid. Cause whenever I log in I see a few messages and most all else are quiz results!
There should a way I can toggle whether I get to see these results or no!

On second thoughts I realise it probably happens cause my friends want to keep posting it on their profile page!! ARRgghH

Ok whats up with this?? Randomly I am asked for captcha verifications after I am logged into my FB account. If i want to insert a link in the stream I am asked twice!! Thats too much!

After going real time twitter-way FB has started getting dwntimes, which is not cool! On three different ocassions I was not able to open my account, another time a group page was unavailable.

Ok this is not exactly the doing of FB team but, I mean this was bugging when I get an email from a close friend which is actually a virus from Facebook.
Twitter also got it later on so… can’t complain here.

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  • >Well i accept wid U, wat u say is absolutely correct.FB is getting messed Up.I prefer ORKUT these days!!!!Ne how,U need not be thankful,Coz Ur blog Deserves to be in mah blog roll!!!

  • >:)Orkut has been getting some good features lately…

  • >You got it all right:) WTF would I want to know what quizzes et all everyone is playing? yada yada…..

  • >yea and so many of them!!