>Spending time with my camera (gifted by my bro for Raksha Bandhan :D) Sony Cybershot

Chand chipaa baadal mein…
Learnt to copyright the images on Gimp (good tutorial). Am still experimenting with various watermarks 🙂

Maggi tastemakers which are lying in my fridge due to my Maggi recipes. My brother says he will make Maggi with double the tastemaker powder 😀 He is not a health freak nor into Yoga tch tch…

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  • >Damn!! I would give an arm and a leg to get hold of those tastemaker packets.I can haz them jus like tht also:D

  • >:) hehehe maybe you should make my maggi recipes for a few days and then orgy over the taste makers

  • >Sounds Like an idea!! But belive me, maggi without tastemaker is Fish without water for me!!!

  • >i can imagine… my brother found the idea unbelievable when I started it. now he just sits away from me while I am eating 😀