>Lately I have been busy creating my online photography portfolio. I think my photographs are pretty good and am looking for freelance photography assignments as a way to better my skill and get paid!

I took a good look at available portals out on the web, and have come up with these solutions. These can also help you if you wanna create your photography portfolio too!

Photo Blog

Upside: I personally really like this idea, cause I am already familiar with the blogging interface. Its easy to take some cool theme maybe a black one (like this blog) to put up photos. I chose a wordpress blog, which has a theme called Monotone. Its pretty impressive! This theme is especially good for horizontally wide photos.

Downside: Upper limit (in the basic free version) of 3GB, but if you think about it that is a LOT of space.

Paul Snows

Upside: Flickr is great cause it has a huge photo community. So this way you can connect with a lot of fellow photographers within the city.

Downside: Flickr also has a limit of 100MB photos a month and 2 videos. Which is quite ok. Especially for a portfolio you shouldn’t need more than this.

My Flickr
Sudhamshu’s flickr (Sudhamshu is my twitter friend)

Upside: This is a photography, graphic design, illustrations, typography and other arts community. Good to connect with other people here, especially if you are into graphic design or any other arts also.
No upload limits!

Downside: When I did a search through my address book, none of my contacts were here. So it is as of now more abroad centric, not too many Indians there.

My Behance
Prajeesh’s Behance (Prajeesh is my only contact on Behance yet!)
Ijazz’s Behance (Ijazz is some stranger, he has lot of buzz on Behance)

Its open only via invitation so if you want an invite, contact me.

Upside: You can make a powerpoint on Slideshare, good way to present to a client! You can even send it via email! Its Quick!

Downside: To make changes, you will have to delete the initial one, then re-upload the new ppt.

Desert Photos
Egypt Photos

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  • >Interesting. You should also try out photo.net as it is quite popular. However, I'm not certain if Flickr is a good place for Freelance photography. Once you roam around a lot, you attract some attention & then your photos get some visibility (with the Explore feature). But still I'm not sure if it can attract free-lancing projects. Blog is however the best place to do that.You can have a few sample pics & plenty of text (to attract related search queries) and then point to your Flickr account for interested visitors to see your complete range of work. Good luck :)PS: Thanks for mentioning my Flickr Stream in the text!

  • >Hmm thats a different perspective. I was not thinking about the portfolio itself generating traffic. I was thinking that once you get some people who wanna hire you, then having a very impressive portfolio to direct them to. So how to make the portfolio.. :)Checking out Photo.net, it looks good! Thanks for the comment

  • >Oh Alright. In that case, you can put your best pictures on Flickr and then direct them there.I've managed to sell just one picture so far. That too, the buyer came by themselves searching on Flickr. I do think about generating some more interest to see if there are more 'sell-able' pics which is what prompted the previous reply. Good luck with your freelancing though PriyankaClicking! #Cliche

  • >I myself will be looking at those options soon, once I am happy with my portfolio(s).Probably will blog on that later.. 🙂