>There are now many good browsers available for web users. Which one is your favorite? Why?
I came across a cool article today on Information Week. It has a comprehensive and kinda long analysis of the different browsers. They have covered their strengths and weaknesses.

Which web browser do you use?

Also came across this article that says Firefox is the browser being used by more than half the people. I myself use FF, will definitely try out Chrome version for Linux when it is out!

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  • >Doesn't list either of the browsers that I use.Chromium – the open source edition of chrome. Chrome isn't available for linux.links – really useful for CLI browsing.

  • >It doesnt list chromium thats true.. but then Chromium is really a test browser from what I understand its not really a market product.What is CLI?

  • KH

    >CLI is command line interface… its the command line browser… i personally prefer linx, but that does not support any graphics.But for windows users.. chrome rocks… though it does have some small issues.. chrome 3.0 has resolved a lot of the nagging issues.

  • >OPERA – The best. Zero chances of compromise. No remote exploit since 2 years as compared to firefox which got 20 security upgrades in 4 months.. This browser a joke !my recommendation if you don't wanna get hacked, use Opera !!(Available for Mac,Win,Linux,BSD,Symbian,WindowsMobile,Nintendo Wii, etc. etc.)

  • >Chrome for its speed and firefox for extensions .. firefox's memory clogging problem really pushed me away…

  • >hmm a lot of my web savvy friends do use Opera.. I myself have not given it a try.