>I have a few Google Wave invites, whoever wants it can leave their email id as a comment to this post. If there are more comments than invites, then I will choose some of the emails Randomly.

Some things people don’t know about Google Wave invites:

-Its not instantaneous like email. When I send out an invite, the email goes to Google and gets lined up there. After a few days Google will send you the invite on my behalf.

-I can send the invite to an email from any domain, but in order to sign up for wave you will have to have a gmail email id.

-Your wave id is the same as your gmail id. So if you want a different wave id, better procure that email id.

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  • >Point #3 is interesting. Kindly send an invite to sudhu82[at]yahoo[dot]com

  • >Hi there!Could you please send me invite?kublanovskiy@gmail.comThanks a lot!

  • >priyankapriyanka… where art thou?to sending an invite please at pannikot@gmail.com

  • >Priyanka, If you have one left, kindly send my way – kannana at gmail

  • >pl send one for my friend vpdhayanithi@gmail.com

  • >could u plz send an google wave invite to me also?murugesh1981@gmail.com

  • >Ok sent the invite to Murugesh, Kannan and Cepreu!

  • >@ Priyanka : Hope I am not late. Can I request for an invite too?Gmail i.d : sheku.abu @ gmail.com

  • >Well, yes you are kinda late… I have given out the invites. Are you'l planning to use it for some specific purpose?

  • >@ Priyanka : Thx Priyanka …received the invite..

  • >Hi PriyankaI Am an overly eager Google lover looking of the Wave. Hope I am not very late here for your invite.Thank youBasant Nairtnbasant(at)gmail(dot)com

  • >@ Priyanka : Well, I am a blogger and wanted to test it and make reviews. Also, like all are – I am big fan of Google products too!If possible can you get one, from anyone of your friends who have it. This is too much I am asking for but if possible do it for me..P.S : Its weird, but I was so over enthusiast yesterday while making the above comment, that I misspelled my name!! :PAnyways thanks! 🙂

  • >Hi Priyanka,Need a google wave invitation plz. My id dhanunjayareddy123@gmail.comm

  • >I just got a new round of wave invites…sent it to Dhananjaya, Basant, Abhishek and Srini's friend 🙂

  • >Thankie! 🙂