>When I got my cyber shot I was quite excited, I could now put up pictoral content on my blog, social networks etc.. However once I got the pics I realised that uploading a photo is not all there is to online photography.

– Watermarking
To avoid misuse of my photos I have to put watermarks on it. Being a image editing duh it took me a while to learn it.. even then watermarking the images I wanna put up takes its share of time.

– Resolution Scaling
Due to many reasons lowering the resolution of the snap before upload is a better option. It lowers the file size which leads to faster uploads and quicker web page loading. Also it allows me to upload more files on sites that have a upload limit. This again takes some time per snap.

– Organizing
This is something I am still working on. I click photos when I see something interesting or when with friends/family, but then what? In just a couple of weeks I have clicked over 800 photos. 500 have been deleted or sent to the respective friends and then deleted. This still leaves me with 300 photos that I wanna keep. Lot of organizing!

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  • >hello priyanka, very often we have a lot of files while into photography. instead of deleting them, i suggest buying an external hard disk and keeping a backup of everything you captured in that. hard disks are cheap these days and you can even get a 1TB hard disk in a slim case. you never know when you are gonna need one of those photographs which you had thought useless…

  • >thats a good tip! In fact just yesterday I was thinking that since I am making a portfolio for a guy and stuff I better back those pics up! A hard disk is a good idea, but initially for now I guess a pen drive 2gb or sumthin.. should do. Need to check out the rates of a hard disk.

  • >my dad hates digital ones, says it kills the fun out of it…still uses his classic olympus one 🙂

  • >Hi Desh, Thanks for the comment!I myself would have really liked using a film camera.. but don't have time or cash to spend in learning how to work with the film etc.. Also my primary profession is online so digital makes photography viable for me 🙂