Dear Reader,

Have removed this post now. It’s been many years since I first published it and it got way too popular than expected.

Me: I had written it as a way to express my conflict about the organization & it has taken me as close to an answer it can..

Isha Foundation: the organization could have responded in a much more proactive way, that didn’t happen. I hope they have gotten the point I have made with this post and if not, too bad for them.

You: As the reader the only Q that would be relevant for most of you is about the organization – to go for it or not. What I can say is, it is a genuine spiritual path but there are serious people/communications/administrative issues. Different paths click for different people – I find this to be a mystery. So if you are looking for a spiritual path then you should give it a shot.

Sadhguru: my life has blossomed with his touch and continues to do so…

So whatever else, let’s be awesome!

Warm Regards,


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  • >Very disturbing.. but what I wanted to know was, you were there for a year and went through all the pain so why you did not complain to the police or your parents?Correct me if I have misunderstood anything.Regards,Deep

  • >I have always really respected and thought well of Monks. It took me a very long time to actually understand and realise that I was being singled out and abused. Such a thing was not something I could conceptualize in my mind.

  • Zen

    >Baccha, why waste time, money and bandwidth on farcical monks??Read the haiku by Zen Joshi, a young hermit who has got no plans to make a commercial living from it. Nor does he intend to charge a dime for it.It takes 36 seconds to read a haiku and 10 more to understand it. More fast then Maggie. Be there.A wise decision can be the difference between being fantastic and being fad. Stop fads. Preach freedom. JaY ho….!!

  • >@Priyanka – I feel it's still not late to do something legally, atleast others like you won't get into their trap.Just my 2 cents though.Regards,Deep

  • >Deep, given the Indian legal system it will be a huge drain of money more than anything else. So will not get into that.@Joshi… saale mere post pe tere haiku ka marketing mat kar!

  • >also thanks for your concern @deep πŸ™‚

  • >No probs, actually I was stressing on action coz if these guys don't face the music, then they will never learn.. or atleast get it in the papers.. I think there are few people on Twitter working in the newspapers or publications.Regards,Deep

  • >A fail.I dont need to do any kind of promotion…!! My followers to following ratio is far more then average twitters..!!(including you) ;)Rest assured…You dont understand haiku, thats why you are cribbing..!! :PReal yoga is Ramdev Baba, baki sab khota hai. Stop that commercial yoga run by a gujrati speaking monk. Attend Ramdev Baba's shibirs instead.Baba Ramdev is great. Hail Babaji.

  • >Hye Priyanka ! This is akhil. i was wondering to know from u that if one has 1 month time, where in world one should go so that he can have best meditation/yoga experience. Thanks. Akhil

  • >Hello Priyanka, (Would you recognise me as a isha meditator if i say namaskaram πŸ™‚ )Oh well, yes I am :). Let me start with asking you, if your practices are going fine?I am based out of Chennai and have been with Isha for the past 5 years. Typically my family too is involved with isha.I am not trying to cast aspitions here however.. Hav herd sadhguru say in the silence program and in his mystic musings book that you dont look out for people you like in the ashram nor is it like your second home :). The whole idea of working there is to break the limitations. As I am writing this, I am sure you would understand that you did hav limitations and resistance in terms of your working pattern or even expectation. I am sure you did not enter their as a volentear thinkin that you would be in silence as long as you are there. being a volunteer typically aims at puttin in efforts and bringing in the work to do what is required. :)I would say hats off to you and bow down for the kind of effort that you have showed to the ashram. Ofcourse you sure have played a big role in taking care of the Dhyanalinga. It takes in enormorus focus and determination to do what you have done.I wagely remember having seen you in the ashram too. :).Having said this, the least that you can probabily do is to untag "Isha Foundation's" website link to your post and would be wonderful if you can delete the post.This is the leat that you could do to sadhguru now.I wish and pray you do it.PranamsAbishek

  • >Hey Akhil, dude I have no idea where you might get the BEST meditative experience! I will not say Isha Yoga center :p@Abhishek thanks for commenting πŸ™‚ pranams

  • >hmmm.. most welcome :)Abishek

  • >Thanks Priyanka !

  • >(On being grilled by a friend) I have added the incident where I was eve-teased by a senior monk to this blog post.

  • >Good for you! – For saying your side of it and having published the posts so it can serve as a warning for others who may be unaware.

  • >Thank you πŸ™‚

  • >Quite disturbed by your experiences..pained to hear that you had to go through it..

  • >Priyaka you took a decision of going full time volunteer and why the hell you want to complain..did anybody forced you to come there …No i suppose…anyways …if you want many visitors to ur post something else and its all urs anyways take careRegardsvals

  • >Arul you came and read my blog na? Did anyone force you?Then why are you complaining abt it.. go somewhere else and comment na.

  • >hey priyanka…sorry to hear about your bad experience…am shocked to know such things happen in ashram…!this is the first time in my 7 years of following isha am hearing such things…!anyways god bless u and have a wonderful life…!cheerz..!

  • >I am one more like you Priyanka, shattered beacause of them, rude people but pretend tobe the nicest in the world. They take volunteers for granted and not worried about the sideeffects of this in their life. There are lot many people who are affected and keep their mouth shut, lost their life and career.Better Isha Yoga classes show their real faces during the introduction only this would stop people going there fulltime.

  • >Hi Priyanka…You are perfectly right !!!!…. Once upon a time,I was a full time volunteer…. I regret for having undergone Isha Yoga Programs & have dedicated my precious time to them.. Isha Foundation is full of third rated criminals…..They are just so-called Spiritual organization… Volunteers donations are just squandered…. I have many personal experiences in Isha Foundation which is highly unethical & anti-social.. Thank God Im no more associated with Isha Foundation…. I have strong evidences & proofs for their unethical activities…. Funds are misappropriated to a high volume….@ Abishek Murthy….. Im also from chennai… know you personally & you too know me…….You are jus looking Isha from a volunteers perspective……. Jus getin, become a full time volunteers, stay for sometime…. then share your comments… Im not blaming abhishek, poor guy he is ignorant of things happening in Isha Foundation…A common man on the street cannot get his child admitted into Isha Home School…..For Linga Bhairavi consecration, entry was restricted.. Only those who could afford money could participate… What on earth a coomon man will do?Why to squander donations on pomp Maha Shivarathiri celebrations…. All those Monks compel us to join as full time voulnteers .. They pester volunteers …"Eppo Varreenga"….( When are you coming?)All those land around ashram were not acquired in a ethical way… I bet….@ Arul….. Are you wiling to take legal responsibility I if prove all those unethical activities…Last but not least… Entire onus falls on Mr.Jagdish vasudev…. Why on earth an enlightened Master wants a costly car, 2 great danes to protect his cottage, a pug for fancy, denim shirt, jeans pant, branded shoes & a green card to settle in United states of America…If Jaggi is ignorant of the admin.. let him shut the Ashram & go meditate in Himalayas…..I shall be grateful if someone takes up the issue legally & save all those poor souls who are ignorant of the darker side of Isha…

  • >Anon1 and Anon2, thanks for your comments! I am aware that there are other people who do face crap.Only thing I can say is that blogging about it and telling it to my online network openly has really helped me feel much better about the situation as I feel I have done my bit. So much so that after all this, my anger has melted. Though my caution about such organizations is very much there.What I have understood is that every spiritual organization is on the verge of a #nithyananda fiasco. If not by the leader then by some monk. Some of them come out in the open while others manage to avoid that by an inch.Some suggestions from my end, are that you openly say what you have to rather than staying anon. This will increase the reliability of what you have to say and your network will become aware of these issues. Also the message will go back to Isha Foundation that they need to work on these issues.

  • >Hi Priyanka Mdm…As Im married & having 3 kids…. I am worried abt my family… Im the only bread winner.. I woud like to reveal my identity but those at Isha Foundation are perfect hard core criminals and they have henchmen, goondas, rowdies with them… They would dare to do anything to my family…Already once I was manhandled …. So would prefer to stay anonymous….Justice delayed is justice denied… But I think… Sathyamavae Jayathe…

  • >Priyanka, I think you are doing the right thing by voicing whatever you experienced through the internet. I believe more people should face up to things instead of denying and assuming all is good because of Sadguru. People are lured to quit homes and careers without knowing what fate awaits them. We have seen this with too many Gurus off late.I am also an Isha meditator and love Sadguru s talks and teachings. However I dont like the way Isha keeps forcing you to volunteer, contribute and maintains so much secrecy in certain matters. Doubts are also hardly cleared. The last comment also sounds scary. People cannot voice for fear of harm to their families.If all this is true not long before Isha goes the Dhyanapeetham ( Nithyananda) way.Hope more people share their true experiences. Meanwhile Priyanka dont lose heart with spirituality..just follow your own inner guidance and search within..with meditation.As your from Mumbai I would recommend going to Igatpuri for a 10 day Vipassana session. Its the best way to reach your soul and get answers.

  • >Hi Anon3 πŸ™‚ Yes getting scared of talking against Isha due to family is quite a scary situation. I myself after coming back from the ashram tried to talk to the volunteers here in Mumbai who I had worked with a lot..Blatantly they told me that I had lost all caring for the place and they called me immature rather than take what I was saying seriously.

  • >hi priyanka .even i did isha inner engineering course but i didnt find anythng fishy den.but al i was wondering den why all this rich people only involved.but after nityananda's videos came out i surfed net n found some cults abt isha strengthen my doubts about.i know some volunteers they are obessed with it n it is sick.the so called guru talk al bulshit.i attended sivaratri also but i didnt find any peace der but enjoyed as it is a new place nothing more den that but to my horror we payed 10,000 for each seat.i m the probably superfast one to leave it in less 5 months.i found those volunteers are just confused with everythng now.let the divine grace save them.

  • >at that i literally went mad and lost my hope about gurus.all their talks never showed me real self at times just before my doubts started becoming stronger accidentaly i went to arunachala ramana maharshi was plain simple ashramam without any the divine grace saved me now from all this confusions and i m happy that i came to know what is isha about without any wastage of time or mental torture.

  • >n coming to land they have occupied at vellangiri hills is illegal only got this information from influencial people from there.n all the above 2 msg r sent by me but i chose to be annyonomus

  • >The following is the Indian Express report as appearing on October 12, 1997 about Police registering a case of murder by Jaggi Vasudev: Coimbatore, Oct, 11: Close on the heels of scandals relating to fake godmen getting exposed, yet another ashram from Coimbatore is in the limelight with Jaggi Vasudev aliash Jagadeesh of Isha Yoga ashram at Poondi near Coimbatore, being charged with the murder of his wife Viji alias Vijayakumari.A team of police personnel recently visited the premises of Isha Ashram at poondi and interrogated the inmates of the ashram. Godman Jaggi is away in the US.According to police, T. S. Ganganna of Bangalore (father of Viji) had preferred a complaint with the Bangalore Police suspecting foul play in the death of his daughter Viji. The complaintant had stated that his daughter left him last on June 15, 1996. He reportedly received a message on January 23, 1997, from Jaggi Vasudev, stating that Viji was no more.Ganganna said that Jaggi Vasudev had hurriedly completed the cremation on Jan.24 even before they could rush from Bangalore, raising suspicion about the nature of death. He suspected death due to poisoning or strangulation.According to him, Jaggi Vasudev could have caused the death of Viji to facilitate his illicit relationship with yet another inmate of the ashram. Based on the complaint of Ganganna to the Bangalore City Police on Aug. 12, a case was registered.The Bangalore City Police transferred it to the Coimbatore Rural Police.The Coimbatore Rural Police have registered a case against Jaggi Vasudev under Section 302 of IPC (murder) and IPC 201 (suppression of evidence).Later. Isa Yoga Foundatrion has denied reports that Jaggi Vasudev had fled to USA to avoid investigation of ashram. Authorised Signatory of Ashram Kiran stated that Guruji had gone for giving lectures . ENS "

  • >Read below from the following link: and Viji lived as "ONE" ?!!! – somebody wrote this here.. let him go to Tirupur, check out with people with whom Jaggi and family stayed during the early 90s. The did have verbal fights. ( jus like any other family)Or the Best person would be is Mrs. Bagyam Srinivasan who took Jaggi from mysore to Tirupur and introduced him to whose who of Tirupur. without her Jaggi would not be what he is today. But Jaggi ditched her nicely, to eliminate the traces of his history. after all his fav. method is "use and throw".here comes another truth.. Jaggi was not Viji's first husband….she was somebody's wife and Jaggi took her when he came to coimbatore/tirupur.You may wonder whats special abt "tirupur" as the ashram is in "coimbatore". Tirupur is so special because Isha yoga centre was first registered in Tirupur as a trust. But Jaggi threw out all the old trustees who were with him at the time of registration.

  • >Priyanga, Thanks for your post. I also stayed in the ashram and had a very bad experience. I booked my cottage well in advance paid in USD per day and also a hefty donation along with that . When I reached the ashram I was asked to tall to Maa. Amulya and talked to so many admin folks but no one would help me get the keys for my cottage. I remember one lady who claimed to run the cottages who was very rude later I found why she was so rude thats because her entire family moved to the ashram and 2 of them are swamy's and one of them is a isha teacher.(one of FULL time volunteer only told me all these..also I was told that this family has their family members in different areas so don't mess up with her.. I felt like she is more powerful than Sadguru ) That was a difference or unexpected experience for me. That lady told me that my name was not even there in her book and after 1 hour of waiting that same lady opened the same damn book and said oh.. I see your name still took few more minutes just turning the pages in her book and didn't do anything and finally gave me the keys I forgot her name. So my first impression itself an worst impression and later on everything looked fishy to me . I can not forget Shwetaketu I hate to put swamy for any of those folks he spoke to me almost everyday and always ALWAYS asked me about my job, salary and my properties. It was a horrible experience. Everyone talked about MONEY, MONEY and ONLY MONEY. It was fishy why they put overseas folks in silence and invite overseas folks for special meeting. Honestly I felt like they are showing off and cheating innocent overseas people. Nothing was discussed in those overseas meetings after the 3rd meeting I stopped going and so did the others. Later I found why they put overseas folks in silence because they don't want overseas folks get to know all the fraud activities that are taking place. Every day folks there talked about Money and drove me out of that place. Even though it was a bad experience still it helped me though to see their true colors. I am glad I went so I won't go there any more.

  • >Ok I have lost count of all the Anons here, but the cottage malpractices, I am very well aware of. Once I mentioned it to Swami Suyagna, no clue whether he did anything about it.Only time cottage stay has been pleasant is when that woman was not there πŸ˜€

  • >I know about the indiatimes article, Viji's death and inquiry. Also the above referred to forum. The thing is that I have done Isha Yoga practices and find them good. Also as I mentioned Sadhguru himself has been the one person I thought genuinely cared about me. Though I chose to leave and dont want to meet any of them ever again, yet I cannot call him names or say the place is fake or any such thing. If I felt that way I would not have given so many years of my life over there. I mostly just feel sad that my experience was so BAD! and I hope they improve… Its actually the same with any institution isn't it? Like the Indian government – what all rubbish they do!! But at the end its sad the system sucks, hope it improves. And the world needs a gov.Similarly 'Gods and the idea of a Guru' is so ingrained in peoples minds that such spiritual places etc.. are needed in the world. If these are not there then people will start some place where they can worship that too will become corrupt in some ways. That is why the tone of my blog post is not meant to be angry and insulting to the organization. It is only me sharing my experience…

  • >Hi…I have a few Q's… Can someone answer?1. Why does Mr.Jaggi Vasudev holds the American Green Card?2. Why does he own a luxury car?3. Why does he operate Home School?…. Let him shut down home school & operate Isha Vidhya…4. Let mr. Jaggi Vasudev provide facts abt the way land were acquired in & around ashram?

  • >Isha yoga centre has really spolied the velliangiri hills natural habitat… i dont know how come such huge buildings are allowed in a reserve forest area… that too in westren ghats… the kind of pollution ashram makes on sivarathiri is horrible… tree planting, arr are all just stunts… These days yoga , meditation have become good biz oppurtunities… isha yoga is making use of it…Ramana maharishi, visiri saamiyar ( yogi ram sarath kumar), kanchi maha periyava lead a very simple life… lots of gurus still live in himalayas, rishikesh, haridwar, thiruvanamalai… but Mr.Jaggi leads a very very comfortable luxurious life… To give a exmaple… if u have any chance to see his cottage at ashram, his toilet closet will speak tonnes abt him….

  • >In the recent face book chase community giving contest.. in order to win the prize money.. isha volunteers voted in fake names… ashram gave instructions to volunteers, center in charge , inmates to vote as many times as possible… many fake ids were created… they even hired a server … hired few manpower … to create fake ids & to vote in their favour…

  • >@ Abhiskek Murthy…. Friend, you are jus a kid as far as isha is concerned …U have jus tated the sugar laced choclate.. but beneath the choclate is the venom…. i know u wont agree with me ……..If you wanna to know the darker side of isha ashram.. goto coimbatore.. stya as an inmate fr a few months… you will experience the dark isha…hope vishwanathan will support you thala

  • >I am sorry you had a bad experience. But not all ashrams and all orgs are like this. I have stayed at a few, where contemplation, meditation, spirituality, communality rule the day. Volunteers can choose what they want to do, where they want to contribute. Where a sojourn at the ashram becomes a detox from this mad, mad world as we know it. I have never been to/encountered ISHA. You have been brave in coming forward with this.Gods All Bless you and help you move on with life.

  • >hmmm every ashram is the same all a money making brack and its all about power

  • >Very bad that you were not able to get the basic amenieties for a human existance. On top of it, getting harassed by Sanyasi's must have been really bad. But I am not able to understand "I was alone in a room with tamilians many from villages. All English speaking volunteers had much better accommodations and facilities". Is staying with a villager, that too a tamil speaking villager, the worst possible thing that can happen to a volunteer? – Ajoy Kumar

  • >as u said one cannot deny the fact that everything s perfect in ashram which houses so many ppl from different backgrounds, diverse understanding levels and multivarious activities happening round the clock…as u said lets hope that the bitterness that u encountered leaves u and u experiences improve

  • >Hello …No one seems to talk about the mispparopriaton ofcash & assets happening at Isha Foundation….What abt the marriage scandals that some inmates are involved ?Can Mr. sadhguru claim that all his monks All those so called monks I want isha foundation to release the names of monks/inmates who quit isha & their reason for doing so…

  • >In continuation to my post -AnonymousJune 8, 2010 9:02 PM Hello All,In a interview to Times of India dates June 9th 2009… On a question regarding recent guru scandals, Mr.Jaggi has answered some rubbish by quoting that common man makes mistakes & lacks responsibility… Mr.Jaggi has no right blame common man… a common man earns his daily bread amongst lot of of difficulties… he is denied basic infrastructure… But Mr. Jaggi is leading a very very luxurious life on donations he gets… Hes got no right to speak abt common man I want Mr.Jaggi Vasudev to come to Dhayanalinga temple & I want him to swear on his Guru on following issues…1. Arent his bramcharis involved in same kind of allegations.. 2. What did Mr. Raja, Mr. Murugan ,Mr. Ramesh- teacher, husband of teacher Mrs.Gayathri .. do to a committed volunteer family in down south of tamilnadu?3. Misappropriation of cash & asstes by Inmates…4. Details of Land acquisition in & around ashram…

  • >I had attended Jaggi's classes in 1990. Those were his early days. The name ISHA was yet to be coined. They were calles SSY then. (Sahaja Sthithi Yoga). My whole family was involved. I have had some very bad experiences from the outset. The effect of Jaggi's brain-washing so effective that even my family members chided me if I raised doubts about him ar complained. I knew they were after our money.Most of my relatives joined the 'fun'. Almost everybody except a few weaklings stayed within limits. My family went overboard, hosting Jaggi whenever he travelled to our town, donating generously etc etc.After over 20 years of association this is the state of my family. The next generation (children) of one of my families (siblings) got so involved that all of them decided to take bhramacharyam. They are swamis toiling the Ashram now. The father got disillusioned because of this and tried to bring them back from the ashram. He was bullied by Jaggi and his people. And to top it all off Jaggi counselled him to marry off his daughter to another Swami at the ashram. When the father refused, the ashram inmated conducted the marriage themselves. The kids had the backing of their mother who also stayed at the ashram.The father put on a spirited fight, but was no match to Jaggi's conniving ways and his goons. Then Jaggi fired his next salvo. He sent the mother and kids home to fight with their father and 'not come back empty-handed'. They stayed in the house, fought with him every minuted, abused him with foul language that even illiterate goons would hesitate to use, abused anyone who tried to mediate. The son-in-law also joined the 'party' and was trying to get 'their due share'. In the process, the father was driven out of his house, and was abused in every imaginable way. This continued for a few years, till he agreed to part with a hefty sum of money AND the house. As soon as they got the money and the house they sold the house and took the bounty and left for Isha. (It appears that Isha one will be treated like dirt if they come in empty-handed). So the mother and her children (and her son-in-law) are all swamis at the ashram now. They are teachers teaching yoga now to gullibles.Seeing & Hearing all the abuse they hurled at others (The father and relatives, mediators etc), I can understand how effective Isha's classes are. This is the gist of what happend to my (sibling's) family. I know of many other familes that have been shattered by Jaggi in my town. And I still keep wondering, why were sanyasins so desperate for money, that they were willing to go to any extent to lay their hands on it?Coming from this background, I feel you were very lucky Priyanka, to have gotten rid of Isha. If you had persisted in Isha, one day your family member might be writing this… research about Jaggi more. Beware, Ur respect for him might fall u.

  • >Hi Friends….I was a full time volunteer once upon a time in Isha Foundation….I have to admit that more than monetary crimes… Crimes against women is higher in Isha Yoga center…. Yes.. I endorse the views of anonymous … Isha is backed with political support & to augment … Henchmen.. Goondas.. Rowdies to thrash "Isha rebels"…. A CBI enquiry or a PIL has to be initiated against Isha for crimes related to Land, Wealth, women & more….I strictly advise women & girls to stay away from Isha….. Isha is not a safe heaven for girls / women….Singles are coaxed for bramcharya or to marry affuluent volunteers…Married volunteers are brain washed to break off from their families…Beware… Isha dacoits are on the prowl…Beware of the criminals under the disguise of spirituality….

  • >I have closed anonymous comments to my blog, after seeing the sort of entries I am getting above… I am sure you guys must have gone through some bad experiences etc.. with Isha but that really does not mean that you harbor the negativity for years and then vent it here like this that too anonymously. At least give your name.Moreover while you are making all your allegations I have seen the opposite sort of stuff at the ashram too where very rich people have been asked to leave cause they were not right for the place… and yet those people keep going to the ashram and pushing themselves onto Sadhguru. I have seen people supposed "volunteers" come and flirt with the bhramacharis and disrespect them very deeply. So what ever sort of a jib Isha people have been doing, what they are attempting to do is definitely not EASY.So I think more important than voicing your negativity towards Isha which you seem to have held on to for years and years and years… I suggest you,GET A LIFE! Now if you have anything to say to me about Isha, you better have a name and some credential.

  • aly

    >Priyanka,Firstly, I'm glad to have found your blog. Thanks for sharing your experiences of isha.I was a little surprised by your last post. So I'd like to share my thoughts:Maybe the reason people leave their name as "anonymous" is because they don't want to be identified by the isha group? Considering the 'dark side' of Isha that many here have experienced and commented on, maybe they're scared for their safety? Some have been threatened. Using an anonymous name doesn't lessen the impact of their experiences. Maybe the 'negativity' is more of a warning to inform unsuspecting future isha recruits? Not to mention, leaving a group that has a strong hold on someone can be very traumatic. They have specialists that deal exclusively with ex-group members. These people's lives are intensely affected when removing themselves from something they built their life, beliefs and furture on. Maybe, some compassion for those who express their shattered experiences? Especially when its therapeutic to find a support group.The internet is filled with isha devotees screaming how wonderful their guru is. Many sites where the not-so-wonderful aspects of isha/jaggi are discussed are infiltrated or even taken down by the isha group. The isha devotees keep a close eye on jaggi's internet image – They monitor and edit Sadhguru's wikipedia entry. They create IDs to join forums just to challenge anyone who questions jaggi. They create free blogs to recruit for their master saying how blissful they are. If they are so blissful, why aren't they "getting a life?" Maybe, you should allow people to express their experiences? After all, you expressed yours. (Thank you!) The devotees express theirs. Why not allow the ones who have had bad experiences have their say too? By requiring emails/IDs, etc, you are squashing a lot of objective experiences from being shared.And lastly, in response to your last post – maybe the rich people were asked to leave because they refused to give any more money? Outsiders flirting with bramacharis's doesn't really mean anything – complaints against isha are still there regardless of what the outside volunteers are doing.Credentials – yes, I was involved in isha.Name – I'll make one up so as not to be a sitting target for isha. Hope you understand my caution and allow my post to be included here.Thank you

  • >Hey aly,This was not started a support group really. I just shared my experiences and was hoping to put the whole thing behind me. I think that others should do the same. I am sorry but this idea of Isha people threatening and getting Gunda's and stuff to deal with ex-Ishaites is too much for me and I have not seen any such thing! If it is happening then the better and sensible alternative is to contact the police or take some more serious action than come and vent it on my blog that too anonymous!!As for becoming targets for Isha to catch you if you give your real name… please understand that I have put my name and have told my views openly. I have a large number of Isha people on my facebook, Gtalk and in real life too. They all know about this. So forgive me if I am being stern about being open about your Isha views.In fact right after this blog Swami Suyagna called me, he did not threaten me… he told me I am welcome to come to the ashram. So I implore anyone who wants to vent against the organization that maybe its time for something a little more constructive??And the fact is that this is not about Isha volunteers, this is about us and how we want to do things, isn't it?

  • aly

    >Sure, I understand your intentions weren't to start a therapy group here on your blog. However, by posting your experiences and allowing others to respond is inviting their experiences to be told as well. You vented and moved on, they're venting and (maybe) moving on too. Perhaps some people take longer to heal than you. And I'm sure there are many more who moved on without venting in the first place. (I know many of them in both camps)And just because you haven't seen or heard threats doesn't mean that it isn't true. I have heard 'such things' that would make skin crawl. You ever think the call from the swami is just damage control as to save isha face with someone who has a blog online? And regarding the anonymous posters, I think you're being just as harsh on them as you claim the isha volunteers were on you. Where's the isha attitude of acceptance and enlightenment. Oh yes, it doesn't really exist. It certainly doesn't exist in the ashram. You're own experiences show that. If you want to vent and move on, then don't leave your blog open for comments. By all means, squash what people have to share. Or be just like isha and only allow to be said what YOU want to hear. Better yet, be just like isha and log in as different users and write what you want to hear. And what would be constructive? By whose standards?

  • >hmmm ok, thanks for sharing your thoughts Aly! Its really great for me to be able to address you as a person, and not make you anon no. n πŸ™‚

  • >It is really late now and I am feeling forced to share my isha experience. i was on the verge (had already sold stuff) of moving to India and had signed up for 90 day program here. I had been with isha for 2 and a half years. During that time many small things bothered me but I didn't think too much of it. Stuff about people with money and foreigners given special treatment which I saw was definately true. I was having health problems pretty bad and wrote a letter to Sadhguru. After not receiving answer I happend to be at TN ashram and ask about it and was told "oh yeah you need to do Yoga Marga, that is what Sadhguru said" This was told by Sadhguru's right hand lady. So I trusted. So I went to India. My story is that I got really sick and I am still. I caught very serious incurable lifelong illness called morgellons while at Ashram. I am homebound and forced to move in with parents. I tried to reach out for help while there and was told I am delusional and doctors made fun of me. Plus when I was getting seen by a doctor there rhe hygeine standards were so low that there was nothing to lay down on naked and I was examined without gloves. i said something about it then to the doc and later to someone and word got aorund to one of the Ma's. She was not happy that I said such things. This Ma did do much to help me in big in small ways previous to this and I believe she is a genuine person. But is it really a crime to speak against a person of power and respect when they are doing something I feel is wrong?I somehow in very sick condition made it back to US and found out Sadhguru was in going to be nearby. I was weak and not leaving house but made exception. When I saw him I thought he might just know what is wrong with me ( as the teachers said he would intuitively). I was shocked that he didn't have a clue. I attempted to explain my situation and he stopped me mid sentence. So I thought, "he knows, good he aleady knows". I was wrong. He told me I should stay on some meds (like emotional mental type meds) and to come to TN where he can "stabalize" me. At this point I had blood reports to show I was not delusional! I was in no shape to travel by any means. Later i told the teacher and she said he changed his mind and I should just build up immune system, do more surya namaskars, listen to doctors, and he has something to give physically that he touched. I never recieved it but I didn't follow up either. Interestingly, GMO's (See post of another blogger about this GMO and other environemental concerns reagarding Isha below) seems to be a contributing factor for this disease and I would not be surprised if more are getting sick like me but labeled as delusional or just have some small "Lice issue". LOve to all reading this. Things are not as they seem, I can't believe my own story. Always another side…. here is blog i was talking about:Anyway, the money matters are horrible. Just food for thought. Below is a post I came across, " The rural rejuvenation program is funded by Sanofi-Aventis a MNC – Pharma /GMO seed company, which is duping all farmers into buying their seeds which are poisonous and all these coveted operations are happening under the umbrella of Isha (most of the Isha people themselves don’t know this – they and their stupid claims of awareness!). Finally a lot of real estate in and around the center is under Isha control they are building a new 5 star resort called Mahamudra (another one in the midst of the nilagiri rain forest biosphere…"

  • >Thanks for sharing your experiences. I truly appreciate it, I can identify with a lot of what you are saying. Hope your health improves!

  • >I have attended inner Engineering. When I do my practice it really improved my whole day to gothrough effortlessly with the awareness I had from the program, How come this can be cheating with Isha …..? please explain elaborately!

  • >and how can the great chairman of Microsoft ind (ravi venkatesan) say all great things about jaggi vasudev? can you ignore this fact?

  • >@shambo: Are you addressing the question to me?

  • >yes

  • >@priyanka dalal yes priyanka I am really not understanding that such things are happening in Isha.

  • >Ok.. well please read the blog post properly. I have not been ranting about the place.. I have faced some serious issues with the administration there. These issues have been acknowledged by lot of volunteers within the organization including Isha Yoga teachers, full time volunteers, even to a certain extent bhramacharies. So the blog post is just a write up of these problems. In fact I have even stopped anon commenting since I don't want the ashram to be blatantly criticized. I appreciate their yoga practices but that in no way justifies other malpractices, some of which are very gross. If you have positive experiences to share over here, please do so. However if you personally accuse me of anything just because the post does not suit your thoughts then I will delete the comment.Thank You.

  • >I have no intensions to accuse you priyanka, I have just read your My Life @ Isha Yoga Center .I have not gone through the comments, sorry I will read them.

  • >:) thanks

  • >Hi Priyanka, I'm sorry but a bit of what you say does not sit right with me. You say you were refused bedding? Sorry but everybody knows you dont need permission to collect bedding from house keeping. Pillows, bedsheets, blankets, whatever. You say ALL English speaking volunteers had much better accommodations and facilities. That is not true. All of them were staying in triangle block just like you. I know because that is where I was staying when u were here. I dont think that it is too much for the ashram to ask people to work when they stay. Everybody does so why should you have been different? Because you come from the posh area of Mumbai? Sorry.Anybody sitting at night when temple cleaning is happening will be asked to help. I think you wanted red carpet treatment and it did not happen. It's an ashram not the Hilton. Washing the Teerthakund Bathrooms? How terrible!Eve teased by a sanyasi? Please. I dont buy that at all. Being at the ashram takes dedication. You were clearly not ready. Grant.

  • >This is to love4you,I remember you being here. You were very sick with a lot of ailments before arriving. I dont think you have Morgellons. It is not a real disease. Please read about Delusional parasitosis (also known as delusions of parasitosis[1]:60) is a form of psychosis whose victims acquire a strong delusional belief that they are infested with parasites, whereas in reality no such parasites are present.[2] Very often the imaginary parasites are reported as being "bugs" crawling on or under the skin; in these cases the experience of the sensation known as formication may provide the basis for this belief. I think you may have this.Finally, please dont expect India to be anything like the USA, it is not and you were pre-warnd by your own family. Maybe reconsider Sadhguru's advice. Grant.

  • >I actually understand what you are saying Grant, (are you the one that I have met?? Himanshu's friend)The reason you 'think' I didn't go through this stuff is cause you were never given reason to suspect such stuff. Many of my friends from Mumbai not even from US have gone to the ashram and have had volunteers get them bedding from the housekeeping to their rooms in triangle block. If I told them that when I went to the triangle block I was asked to get permission from Swami Suyagna who refused me the permission they would be sceptical abt it. So sure you can maintain your disdain of what I have written but I know it is true and so do a lot of people that I am in contact with inside the ashram. Thanks for your comments, but as I have mentioned previously if you put down any more comments which directly accuse me of being someone who expects 'high fi' treatment then I will delete them – same goes for accusing Love4you with being delusional. You don't know me nor her well enough to allege such things so please respect other peoples opinions as I am respecting yours.

  • >I would like everyone to know that yes Grant did support me when I was there to the best of his ability. I am very thankful for that. I do believe there are sincere people in Isha and as I mentioned the Ma also had done much to help me. However, being told I am delusional several times on different occasions is very difficult when one is sick. I have medical diagnosis from THREE different US doctors with lab reports of blood tests, stool, and urine samples to back up my condition. Unfortunately many people are labeled as "delusional." There are thousands of people having same symptoms and finally now there are doctors that are becoming aware. I suggest you further research. When Lymes first came out people were also misunderstood.As far as India not being like US, well I think that is a given as I was born there. I have been visiting India almost every year for most of my life and even lived there for some time after high school so I am very aware of my mother India and still always longed to move to India (unsual for NRI's I know).There is good and bad in everything. I just know there is an increasing concern among those higher up ( I am close with someone at very high level authority)and even volunteers about favorism, increasing money mindedness as well as other things that don't match up with the ideals of what Isha is supposed to stand for. Intentions may have started good but somewhere along the way certain things don't seem right.

  • >So far my blog has been completely open as I don't mind anon commenters, I am more concerned with the content of the comment. However for this particular blog post, I am not OK with a lot of comments that are coming up. Maybe its just me.. whatever it may be, this is my personal blog post and not an open forum for people to be saying any thing they want. Moreover I do not have the time or the inclination to get into long discussions about Isha or me. There are people with whom I have discussed all this stuff obviously but that has been done in a much more private setting.So I will be moderating comments here as per my discretion… if there is any personal bashing done either of me or of Sadhguru or some other person I will not publish it. If people want to have an open discussions then please do go ahead and do so on some other forum. Warm Regards,Priyanka

  • This is when I have visited the ashram twice after writing this post. Overall people have been friendly, even some of the folk who I have (had) written about in the blog. Pleasantly Surprising. πŸ™‚

  • Someone with a lot of effort retrieved the comments lost when I moved to disqus and sent them to me, so here is a copy to them,

  • I find a small spark in me to be a part of Isha again. Over these years despite all the negative experiences what is very obvious in the way my life has shaped is Sadhguru’s presence and guidance. This I feel is the real thing. So still sorting stuff out and not really clear about what, when, how but increasing my involvement with the organization is possible. Am in touch with few people there who have been very helpful!

  • I was hoping that I would be able to close this entire matter in a positive way especially since I last mentioned that some people within the organization were being really helpful.
    I guess this was not to be, recently I got a notice from them that unless I remove this blog I won’t be allowed within the organization – in the ashram or any of their events.
    I figured there is no point to giving way to such coercion cause there is no end to it. Today its for this blog post, tomorrow it will be for something else. So this is me saying Bye to Isha Foundation for good.

    Regarding this blog post, I will be keeping it up only for sometime now, so if you want to share it with anyone or any such, you can do so for a while. Anyway it has been put up on other places by some folks so it will always be there I guess.