>Once you have your message, product, service out there for people to come across (Online Marketing Tip #1) and you are LISTENING (Online Marketing Tip #2) to other people talking about your brand, industry, cause etc.. Its time to start building relationships.

This is what social media is mostly about – Building Relationships!

Respond when people talk about your brand. Reply to their blog posts, tweets, mentions etc.. Whether the review is good or bad. If it is bad you can say ‘good to get feedback’, and surely you can improve your company with the feedback!

Contact people who are anyway into the kind of stuff you are promoting. Though if you are selling cars, I don’t mean anyone who has a car! I do mean people who are tweet-searching for cars, or people who review lot of cars on their blog etc..

– Be a part of various groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. Participate in the group activities. These conversations on relevant groups can often lead to many tangible business opportunities and help you understand the market! Once the members see you as a genuine member, they would be more interested in your service and business too!

– Have an open channel where people can connect with you as a person. Either an open to all Twitter account, or Facebook or blog. This way people can interact with you as a person…

Initially while doing this things may feel slow, nothing much happening.. but keep at it.. soon contacts, opportunities, sales should start trickling in. (Then you don’t need to read the ‘basic’ tips :p).

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