>When CD’s came out in the market, they were the new dazzling discs everyone had to have. Many years since they are still one of the most popular ways of watching movies, listening to music and storing data.

Most households have loads of useless CD’s lying around. These CD’s qualify as eWaste. If you are coming across this term for the first time please read this. Its always a better option to reuse eWaste or give it to an authorized center for recycling. Moreover please do not buy unnecessary CD’s cause they are made of plastic and are one of the worst bio hazards.

Some ways you can reuse CD’s in your house and make some really funky and unique utility stuff with it!

  • A Candle Holder: Take some CD’s and glue them together as shown in the snap. Make a tray kind of thing out of them. Attach it on top of a wine bottle or any other bottle for that matter. Paint over it with some cool color. You will probably have to use some acrylic paint for it to stay on the CD’s and bottle. Read more.
  • CD Coasters: This is a cool tutorial about how to make CD coasters. It is really simple and I think the results should be good. Take any CD and paste some big, personalized stickers in the middle. In fact I think we can even cover the CD with a colorful paper or cloth! Then put a sticker in the middle… should make a snazzy coaster!
    Read more.
  • CD light catcher: An interesting thing if your room is dull with little outside light coming in. Cut the CD into small bits and string them up with shiny sides facing the light. They will reflect the light thus increasing the brightness of your room.
    Read more.
  • CD clocks: This seems a little kiddish, and hence a very fun thing for kids to work at! It can be a fun activity at their school or a lazy Sunday. Re-useful! Read more.

Let me know anymore ideas or modifications you can come up with. I have been wanting to work on some of these ideas for CD’s but have not found the time… maybe soon after the ongoing renovation in my house ends I will be able to do it.

I find eWaste a very serious matter. These electronic discards lie in the dump oozing toxic chemicals and releasing poisonous gases when heated. They are a threat to the health of any people who come across them. Please take interest about what is happening with eWaste in your area!

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