>Just upgraded my Ubuntu to Karmic Koala. Upgrade is different from install where I erase everything from the disc and reinstall the new Ubuntu version. In upgrading, the new update system notifier, downloads the necessary files to rehaul the old version to the new Koala version.
The process took around 4+ hours.

I have used Hardy Heron, then Jaunty and now the new Koala. They all have been a pleasant surprise with visible betterments. The invisible betterments I will not know about since, I donot do much below the surface activities (I mean coding and stuff :p).

Some new features with this version of Ubuntu:
– Login screen gives the option to choose the computers language, keyboard style and session. The colours are also different, I like this new Black look!

– Browsing speed of the computer is faster than with the previous versions including windows I think. I can easily get used to this 🙂

– Hard drive notifications. I am getting a ‘hard drive is failing’ notification. This is good cause anyway the drive was failing but previous OS’s did not give me a notification.

– Wall papers are many and vivid, making it a whole lot more user friendly!

– Music feature:
I don’t know whether this was or was not there in the previous version I never noticed it. If I take my cursor next to a mp3 music file a little bubble appears. If I keep my cursor on the bubble, the music starts playing! This playing happens only until the cursor is on the bubble.

All in all very happy with the Karma 🙂

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  • >Liked the fact that you mentioned some of the most apparent features for everyday users. Nice review for those of us contemplating going down the Ubutnu path.

  • >I can only mention those features.. as I said I don't do coding or anything! ;p