>Dear readers,

Need some suggestions. I am totally confused about the right hand sidebar of this blog. Is it important to keep my photo and About me section on the top because currently it is somewhere in the middle. I recently added a text box that gives an overview of this blog, cause the header really doesn’t explain what the blog is about.

Let me know your thoughts!

Warn Regards,

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  • >1.Change the background. Its repulsive.2.Remove the social bookmarking icons. Is anybody actually clicking on them 3. I would love to see it ad free.4.A lot of the things in the sidebar can be removed or shifted up- Try using a better theme.

  • >repulsive?? Really… many people liked it!The bookmarking icons: well… I don't know whether people are using it.. I do like their color though. Will consider changing them.Can you pls elaborate on the sidebar suggestions that was what I was really confused about..