>So now, the free calendar that I mentioned in the last blog post about personal reflections on 2009……

Comment about your reflections on 2009 and/or hopes for 2010 to have a chance at winning it…

The calendar is customized with pictures clicked by me. I can give away only one, so will have to choose someone! Probably will do a random lucky draw of all the commenters.

I also have free Google Wave invites to give away so, even if you can’t get a calendar you can always get those. Send me your email id for a Google Wave invite!

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  • >Really hoping for a recession free economics world over… 🙂

  • >lot of business advancements, some personal gains in 2009. Good news with children..

  • >Ending 2009 on a high note. Lots of professional success. Hoping the same for in 2010 🙂 Btw, how did you make that personalized calendar? I would like to do the same…

  • >Have you already decided on the "winner" of the calendar ? If the contest is still on, I would like to put my name in the "goblet-of-fire".Cheers!Happy Holidays 🙂

  • >@Mustafa the calendar is from Snapfish@Mitz sure the contest is open till 31st night

  • >me me me !! I shall give you a Free Sapling in return 🙂

  • >Is the calendar still with you? I'm highly interested…

  • >Sorry for the delay in response!@Satish when I get some place I will take free saplings from you anyway!Will do a random pick for the winner later today…@Dinesh deadlines over!

  • >Never mind..I will stay glued to your blog for more offers in coming time.. 😉

  • >Thanks Dinesh will send you a msg personally when any other offer is coming up :pOk so for the winner… will be generating it from http://www.random.org/ #geeky!and the winner is : 3 i.e Mustafa Quilon! Congrats Mustafa and the rest of you'l well there is always Google Wave :pThanks everyone for commenting!