Just had Maggi’s newly launched Pazzta. I made it as prescribed, cause I wanted to see how it is.

The Downside
– The quantity is quite less. Its not a full meal for a person like the noodles, its a snack.

– The tastemaker is really strong, though this might have more to do with me, since I rarely have onion, garlic (being a Jain). I found the tastemaker only onion and a bit of garlic, what about all the other masalas salt, ajwain, pepper etc..??

The Upside:
– The pasta is made of Suji/Rawa! The fact that its not maida, makes it quite a healthy snack as far as I am concerned 🙂

– Its again a ‘5 minute’ snack. The best part of Maggi noodles I find is how quick it is to make. These pasta follow that tradition and we have one more quick and tasty snack from Nestle.

-Add more water than they say! Atleast 3 small cups.

All in all the taste was quite good. A good accompaniment to have along with bread and maybe a hot cup of tea!

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  • >I had their cheese macaroni today. I'd tasted their Masala Penne a couple of days back. I liked the Cheese Macaroni better than the Masala one. Masala is like eating Maggi Noodles. But, in all, I agree with you – easy to make, Suji – is a healthier option and most of all its another great snack from Nestle Maggi 🙂

  • >A year of varitions in the Maggi tastes and experiments. Cool! I however like the original taste… does not get boring… dunno whether its cuz me lazy… or cuz the orinigal taste is just too good!

  • >what i like way better is Ching's Instant Noodles esp manchurian flavour. hot garlic n schezwan r also decent but ching's manchurian is the best. i am off maggi now completely

  • >add maggi pasta and top ramne noddles and try. its great

  • >I also had both cheese macaroni and masala, and true the masala one is just like noodles. Never had chings instant noodles! didnt know they existed… I have had chings hakka noodles, thats quite good with the seasoning and fresh veggies but its not a 5 min snack.

  • >Of the two , is their any pack made out of NO ONION,NO GARLIC ??since I am Jain and don't eat onion and garlic.

  • >Smith and Jones Masala Noodles Tadka Marke pwnes Maggi. in my mind the crown for the best masala noodles now belongs to Smith and Jones. i also love their advertising 🙂

  • >Anon1: I have blogged a few maggi recipes which are Jain, this is when you make maggi without using the tastemaker. (take a look at the Maggi Recipes Tab on top)There is no Jain maggi type noodles available in the market as of now. Anon2: I have had Smith and Jones, they are quite ok I think, but I still prefer Maggi.

  • >thanks for the pasta review priyanka. can't believe i haven't tried yet… you know wat, after reading your post, i've decided to get it today itself. thanks!

  • >:) get both the flavours!