>First there was NASA, they sent out humans in the Big, Empty, Dark of Space. Back on Earth a few geeks made a contraption called Twitter to exchange information, these information snippets were called Tweets.

Now there is the first tweet from the humans in the Big, Empty, Dark of Space 🙂

So finally NASA gets on the social media bandwagon FULL ON, they have given access to real time web for personal use to the astronauts in space. I think they could have done this before but now in social media there is publicity, hype and money! A way to garner public support!

Read more about NASA on social media.

  • >I somehow doubt this is going to change the face of time. Though NASA could use some positive publicity.Nice blog, btw.

  • >:) I don't think it will change face of time, I was just hyping it. I guess, space has its own glamor factor, and so does tweeting from space. Thanks for commenting.