So finally I get a brain wave and its not really anything new for the world, its quite a common occurence. 😀 (has this happened with you? Its so funny when it does happen with me!)

Sticking to the Blogs Niche Topic
One of the main problems with maintaining a blog on only one topic like social media, is to avoid writing about other various things in my life. Being an avid blogger I find myself penning a lot of stuff down. Small incidents in the building, travel trips, the book I am reading etc… So definitely a lot of material but blogging it all on the same blog will result in a really hodge podge blog. Finally I just had a brainwave, to write Guest blog posts!

Yea it is not really a new idea, I know, (sheepish) but a brainwave none the less. It solves a big problem for me, to maintain this blog only on social media and yet allow my creative energies to blog on myriad topics.

Getting Good Backlinks

What I also realised later is that it gives me really good backlinks from other blogs which refer my blog in their guest blogger intro.

I can only say to this, 2 birds with one arrow! A hindi proverb, where two works are done by just one action : Guest blogging!

  • >I get around this problem by having strict categories in which I post. Over time I've found that Google picks up my blog structure. It's even started displaying it in the search results!

  • >Hey Bhagwad,Yes that is what I am looking for, thats why the guestblogging idea is really good to maintain the categories of this blog! 🙂