>Just today I came across the info that Chings Secret Facebook Fan page has crossed 1 lakh fans, a record for an Indian brand! It has surprised me cause I was not even aware of their online presence!

I have been doing quite some research now a days for various reasons, and I really feel this online world its just exploding. So much is happening virtually here, there and elsewhere! Yet, when it comes to monetizing there is still a dearth.

The Chings Secret Facebook Fan Page,

Started in May 2009.
On an average 5 to 6 status updates a month.
Content of Status Updates: Videos of interesting recipes, attractive advertisement posters, general updates

They have also sponsored a few college fests at BITS Pilani and IIT Techfest. The content that they are updating the page with is not that viral I feel. I think they have used email databases and/or some large offline campaign for their online communities.

Any thoughts?

Another trait is that their Twitter community has just 300 followers. Why?

  • >Ching's has used facebook advertising. also their consumers and the fb user profile is perfect match since they always been v well known in sec a+, sec a and that's the audience on fb. they seem to be focussed on fb as per their press release so that could explain the twitter thing. but their youtube page has good traffic