>Just a few days back I wrote about Chings Secret crossing 1 lakh fans making a record, close behind it was Fastrack, who has a few days ago also crossed 1 lakh and now has higher number of fans than Chings!

Their page has a lot more fan engagement going on. They have mentioned on their page that it took Fastrack about a year to reach this fan base, they had 5k fans in April 2009.

Chings also took about the same amount of time, they started their page in May 2009.

Fastrack is on Twitter with some 1000+ followers (better than Chings).

Its a much more happening fan page, with a strong target at youths. They have had contests which had a offline counterpart, quizzes and upcoming is something that might very well go viral,

Update due to comment: this is a viral that is over, so it does go to show that they have done a lot of engagement with the fans!

  • >That's true…I hv seen both the pages grow over the one year period. They deserve it!

  • >Heyo, great post but I'm pretty sure the myEXbox thing was done in Dec and got over in Jan.Now they're talkin a lot about their new brand ambassadors Genelia D'Souza and Virat Kohli :)So you might wanna change that last pik..Cya!

  • >thanks for letting me know, Anon. Updated the post.