Social media being the new, happening field every now and then we see examples of how its being used badly and very badly! All of a sudden came across two conversations at the same time,

So there is this brand called Wagh Bakri, I like the brand since I went to their cozy little tea shop in Vile Parle. Saw them on Twitter & Facebook sometime back and have been following their activities. They are pretty bad but then when brands are new they tend to do such stuff as it is usually some in-house person messing around without talking to any professional people. They are sending out 10+ tweets like this every hour,

@ak_riyaz “Where there’s tea there’s hope” Follow us on

I mean its not even ‘Follow us’ it has a link alongwith it!! What is the need for the link to your twitter profile in your tweet!

Consider my surprise when I see that some social media simplified book covers @waghbakri as a casestudy!! Phew… so this is what follows…

I: Are you kidding me!!! RT @smsbeyond: India’s 1st compre. book on #socialmedia explores how @waghbakri promotes …. on fb & twitter

The book guys: @priyankawriting Sorry, you got us wrong. We haven’t been paid by @waghbakri. They have 1,288 tweets & around 220 followers, pls chk

Nothing much to say… apart from – I am never buying that book!

Along with that Nirav of BlogAdda has another conversation regarding bad social media agency practices on the Channel V page.

Its sometimes freaky to be in the field and see big companies doing such shady stuff, whether its them in-house or some agency they have hired.

  • Dear Ms Priyanka, Looks like there has been some mis-understanding in the 140 character information exchange 🙂 . Please let us know what is your concern. FYI- 30 case studies have been included across various categories. The idea is to explore social media presence of popular , innovative brands in various stages of maturity.

    • Don’t think there has been any misunderstanding. I think you don’t see
      anything wrong with the tweets that wagh bakri is sending out. You justify
      their tweets because of their number of followers. Many people are doing
      that in the industry. Its pretty sad.

      You can easily find some really good 30 Indian companies on twitter doing a
      much better job.

      •  The social media landscape at large in India has not reached a high level of maturity- not for every product category atleast. We hope you will agree to this point.  If you would read the case study section of the book, you will find ” Insights and Observations” for each product category covered. Then may be, you shall be able to relate to the brands covered.

        • I don’t see any point discussing this further. I don’t agree with your
          justifications or reasoning behind featuring a very bad usage of Twitter as
          case study.

          • That’s your personal opinion and choice. We don’t have any further clarifications. Thanks