One of the exciting aspects of having a company for social media marketing is that I can work with so many different companies. Get to know their work processes, culture, quality and other aspects. Nurturing great client relations is a real high point, but even coming across bad incidents can be a great learning. Often there are situations where we very excitedly taking up a project with a big company only to find they are really crappy in their work processes and are a pain in the *** in many ways.

In fact just take the simple act of paying a vendor, we have encountered so many weird happenings when collecting our payment that (now that we have actually procured the payment) it makes a hilarious post!
[Just for notes: This post is for fun and illustrative reasons only. We in no way want to embarass these companies, we have great relations with many of them, as mentioned later]

1. No cash leafs: Its unbelievable that on asking a company accountant as to why we have not received the money he says “I am out of cheque leafs, the bank hasn’t sent it in so many days!”

2. Cash Crunch: One of the startups we worked with just went into a cash crunch, and delayed our payment for months. It was one of the first times something like this had happened to me, so I was not sure how to respond – to the fact that my payment was pending and also that the company had such financial woes?? OMG!

3. Another company we were working with had pretty screwed payment processes involving months of delay. I had to be behind them for months until we got the payment. It got to the point where I was going to openly talk about this on social channels but thankfully the higher up person got involved and cleared up the matter.

The first few times this happened I was quick to jump to conclusions that they don’t want to pay, but after persisting I did procure the money. Not just did I get the money I have very good relations with these clients. Now when I get these excuses I give them the benefit of doubt cause of my previous experience. Rather than mistrust – what is needed is – a firm handling of these situations with good follow up and putting the foot down as required.

4. Recently a company we have been working with sent us the advance before we even asked for it. It was good to find a company who also thinks about our end of matters.

So seeing all these different companies and processes sure gets me thinking!

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