I am now on my third trip as a digital nomad i.e. working and travelling. Its quite a liberating and interesting experience, however it also quite tedious in some ways. Managing to look around a new place, meet new people and keep up with work requirements is quite a task. Along with that my trip is not pre-planned, so I also need to plan the trip further book tickets, accommodation. Its all quite some work. Hopefully it should get better as I get more experienced in it 🙂

The basic gist of my trip is along the following lines,

Place to stay – needs to  be workable – in terms of ambience and logistics (should have a comfortable place with charging point and sitting arrangement where I can use my laptop for hours), safe cause I travel solo, inexpensive cause I am on a budget

Transport – I usually opt for over night Volvo rides, this way I can travel during the week. I can sleep well in a Volvo so its not too disturbing. Here I need to ensure that I get a ‘woman’ seat i.e. a woman co-passenger. Other option is flights but like I said I have a budget.

People – I usually like meeting various people friends, tweeps, relatives, colleagues (my company is virtual) … in no particular order. They are all quite enchanting experiences. Relatives especially conventional ones tend to get quite culture shocked with my nomadic activities but its good cause it shows their caring for me. Meeting tweeps has a different flavour depending on the group, city…

Online Communities – I have now started actively following discussions on India Mike and Counchsurfing. Its interesting, not yet been to any meetup but might soon. These groups are really great to learn travel ideas, tips and just good to see others into it.


  • All the Best for your successful & safe trip. Keep on tweeting and one more important thing don’t forget to take your recently purchased , beautiful yellow umbrella with frills. lol

    • 🙂 I haven’t! its already helped me with Pune rains.