Games are one of my favourite ways to pass time. I think they invigorate our passion and enthusiasm! They also develop various skills in us. In line with this I always get excited when I see some Indian game online – out there for all to get acquainted with our culture.

Imagine my surprise when while browsing through board games on the iTunes store I see something called ‘Shakuni’! Initially I thought it would be some random game… But on researching more the game is – Chausar!! The very game where Shakuni fools Yudhisthir in Mahabharata to leave his kingdom and go into the wild…

Excitedly I downloaded the app which is less than 20 mb hence it can be downloaded via 3G. It has been made by Hibiscus Tech ( It’s a pretty good game, with a Single player v/s AI option as well as multiplayer options. It was very cool for me to play this mythology game that means something to almost every kid in India who grew up to mahabharata stories! It would be cool to have a better intro to the game where it explains what Mahabharata is and what role Chausar played in it. The rules could also be better explained.

I am planning to make an offline version of this game too, to play with all my younger cousins and older folk. It’s very much like Ludo but with some interesting differences! There are two rectangular dice and can be played with 3 or 6 token options. The tokens can come out of the house only on a throw of ‘1’.

Check out the game on iTunes:

This is an interesting way for companies to increase their marketing presence by giving out free apps. It also gives them an opportunity to showcase their work to their clients. Surprisingly though the company has hardly mentioned this game on their website, curious! Well I got an interesting game to play… 🙂