So just yesterday I saw Dharmesh’s tweet about an article on startups and vampires. Its a good read, and true actually about life itself.  Very often I find that after few years of friendship both people change, and soon it becomes a dead-weight as the other person keeps pulling you down because they are a different person! So while Andy might call them vampire-friends, lets get back to what I wanted to say about startups! :p

I have been writing quite a bit about how troublesome recruitment has been in DigiWhirl. So sometime back we, the DigiWhirl team figured it was just not working, I cannot possibly keep watching over every little work that my employees did and so we scaled down and became very selective with everything. Selective with clients and with hires (if at all). So we are now a small & cool team happy with what we are doing.

We keep getting mails applying for any vacancies and such. So recently we started something new that I find interesting, we basically take just one or two trainees at a time and get them to work on an in-house DigiWhirl campaign. For a two month intership we give them work credit and a reference letter which they can use in their CVs or for next work assignments. If we really like working with each other then we can always work on other commercial projects as and when it works out! 🙂

I know some might be thinking its ‘chindhi’ as in miserly to not pay but the fact is that very few freshees provide a work quality that is acceptable for a commercial client project. Paying them and re-doing most of their work is not something I am ok with.

I think this is a good approach for hiring fresh talent but I am still wondering about how to work with experienced professionals before actually ‘hiring’ them. The whole hire, work, fire (if it doesnot work out) is just a tedious process, and it leads to a waste of time. Also when we hire an experienced person it means we have a project that needs his skills and when they don’t deliver its just a stress on the company to do the clients project well!

O.0 This is what I like best about running a company – figuring stuff out!