Number of times the first things potential clients ask me is “Will it improve Google Ranking”.. I don’t want to say yes because I don’t want to sell social media as a search engine optimizer tool! Its a whole lot more. Building communities, interacting with them, generating feedback and a whole lot more…

After all these more prominent benefits of social media are covered, it does infact improve Google search results! If you have a social network brand presence you will see that it displays very high on the search engine results! Blogs, popular updates on these networks also soar very quickly to some of the top search engine results! We have not even gotten into ‘Social Search’! So this is just one of the reasons to have a robust social media presence for your brand!

Companies often get scared of negetive feedback they would face on social media, the thing is that the reason I thought of writing this post is exactly due to negetive feedback – My somewhat negetive feedback blog post for Priyadarshini Cab services. I was planning on calling their car yesterday for some traveling within the city and in order to get their number I did an online search as would a large number of people. I scrolled down to find their official website – it turns out none was listed! They only have profiles on quikr, justdial and such but no official presence. I was surprised to find my blog on my bad experience with their cars was showing up on the first Google page! Not just that, I had another bad experience yesterday with their car and I can add that blog as ‘Part 2’ ;p

I am sure if they had a website and social media profiles it would have taken up the first 3-4 links and then the profiles on justdial and such. So atleast blog posts like mine wouldn’t appear on Google first page. So if clients avoid social media due to -ve feedback, it will just come back and bite their ass.