Have compiled a series of analytical articles of kid brands using social media to engage with their target audience. Its very interesting to see how they have activities that are directed at the younger audience even though officially kids cannot have a Facebook profile until they are 13 years of age.

You can read the case-studies here!

It covers brands like McDonalds, Lego, Toys R Us amongst others. All of them have a different take on their target audience, look and feel, activities, sales generation. It was good fun and insightful taking a closer look at these campaigns!

Despite what the T&C says, kids are hugely active on social networks. Most of us know a lot of kids who are friends with us on Facebook, Twitter and now Google Plus too. Yet, its sort of a dilemma for a marketeer to target them via these social networks because technically by the rule book, they are not supposed to be there :p

Curious about actual numbers related to the kids demographic I compiled a presentation of my finds. Its quite interesting.

What would you say to kids using social media, considering the stream of frequent adult content that is shared there?