Last post I reviewed a campaign where for every Facebook fan the brand gave out some donation to an NGO. A mix of CSR and marketing for the company. This campaign I found to be a bit lacking. Just a few days ago I came across a similar campaign by a fitness brand, Equinox. They are donating $1 for every Facebook fan.

I actually liked what they are doing on their social media. There are certain reasons why I find the Equinox campaign thought provoking and interesting..

1. Equinox has a lot going on in their social media. So their marketing is not solely dependant on the donations given to NGO.

2. Equinox is already a very popular brand on social media. Their endorsing this NGO not only brings the NGO money but also publicity which is very important for any non-profit.

3. They are donating to Cycle for Limbs which is connected to Fitness. So there is a brand sync. This is important because it allows the community to rally around it in a way that is harmonious to the brands content strategy.

Most Importantly,

4. They are donating $1 for every fan. If they put Facebook ads they would be spending less than $1 for every fan. So they are actually donating more to the NGO than they would if they did the usual marketing!

That is why I feel at the end of the day the NGO really gains from this association and it adds a good touch to the whole Equinox social media campaign. It is a cool idea where part of the marketing budgets of corporates flows into non-profits.