Once having started off DigiWhirl, I found that everywhere there is a need for a backend process and chain of action that needs to be followed to not just deliver but deliver well. This is true also for social media, as it is a long term activity that needs to be sustained. This is actually the whole reasoning behind my last post on Inhouse social media managers! If we are to setup a sustainable social media process for a company then it needs at least one person in-house being full time into social media.

Recently I came across such an incident which clearly shows that without a strong backend process things just don’t work,

I connected with a company called ClickDesk, the HR person responded back with a ridiculously rude email. I responded back trying to make light of the matter wanting to see how the person would react. The next response was even worse! The website does not give any names or any such so wondering what to do, I connected with their support staff on their live chat,

The person simply refused to do anything about it! Now the thing is that this company sells a Live Chat technology but their chat is a complete failure if it is about anything other than technical support! Least they can have the simple process that if someone inquires about any other department then they can pass on the right email id even if it is a generic one! But to reply saying ‘I am with another department, I have nothing to do with HR’ is just lacking!

Also I would like to state examples from two brands: Flipkart and Pizzahut…

The number of times I have seen someone exclaiming that they have gotten their ordered products from Flipkart surprisingly soon is enough to run an entire social media campaign on! I mean their service leads to people becoming social media evangelists for them!

Similarly last time I was in Bangalore, the Pizza Hut waitress left me a very sweet note in my bill saying ‘pleasure serving you, hope to see you again :)’. Immediately I tweeted it, later I checked the #pizzahut and saw others around the world who had seen and then tweeted about such sweet gestures! So a whole social media campaign can be built around a backend process of training your service people well! And when you get your backend process right then there won’t be such a question about ROI!

So backend processes are the must, these technologies can enhance them but without the strong chain of action the whole circus can just fall flat.