Along with social media comes daily content generation for brands! For traditional media, brands can ideate for weeks, make creatives, reject them, re-think, re-make until they were satisfied and only then release the TV ad or print ad out to the world! With social media – there is the social media team that makes the updates, LOTs of updates to be published daily and puts it out on the communities. Sure there is some approval process etc.. but the sheer number of updates required, brands can hardly find enough backend structure to manage it all and fine tune each update!

Every now and then however we see brands that have put in one extra mile in making the updates, they have added a special something! Some examples,

Lovely picture with an adorable message! Also note the Flickr credit - its admirable!

Flipkart makes a series of 'Guess the Detective'! Note the good graphics & the clue for each detective!

Note the graphic and finding out about 'National Submarine Day' it all clicks with the brand!

Why should you go the extra mile to make an update?

1. Breaks the clutter – Social media is getting more and more cluttered with brands, its these kind of updates that gain the higher traction!

2. Brand – Every status update reinforces a particular brand image. How do you want to portray your brand?