One of the activities I like best about community management is fan activity. Just getting a feel of it. Qualitative interactions are not shown in the analytics numbers! There are two kind of interactions I really like and which tells me that the community has made some mark on the fans!

Fans Discuss amongst themselves!

Initially fans would interact with page, replying to brand updates, but later only when they feel a sense of ‘community’ would they start interacting with each other about the brand or something else that is relevant!

Real-er Comments

There are the usual comments that say “oh, that’s cool”, “this reminds me of my childhood” etc… and then there are the comments that are real-er or more descriptive where you feel the fans are actually listening to you and conversing, not just commenting!

I feel these fan activities are like milestones that have been crossed by that community and can now venture into tougher grounds….

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