Since sometime now I never looked at my Facebook timeline. I would just read any notifications and then just go about managing various client accounts. The Facebook timeline was total junk! Often friends would meet me and say “Oh, I uploaded that on Facebook did you see?” and I would just make a face saying my timeline is such junk I don’t see anything worth while there! Finally decided to just take some serious steps to removing all this clutter, and surprisingly it was not much work!

1. The Random Photo tagging not you but your friend!

Unsubscribe from photos from the friends who allow these tagged photos to just show up in all their friends timeline. Its one of the biggest causes of spam! These photos are often from NGO’s who are pimping their cause with gory pictures and often just things which are totally random! The only way to tackle is to unsubscribe from all photos of that friend…

2. Trending Topics from Facebook News Apps

These articles from Yahoo, Guardian apps – they are trending topics which is fine but the problem is when we click on them I have to subscribe to that app which I don’t want to do. Anyway to know latest news I really don’t need these apps my Twitter timeline is enough!! So I hid ‘all posts from this app’Facebook Unclutter

3. Other Facebook app

Apart from news apps there are other apps like ‘profile viewer’ – some crap about who has been viewing your profile. the only way to get these updates out is to ‘Hide all from this app’ option.

4. Random Friends

I signed up for Facebook years back since then somehow or the other I have made quite a few unknown folks as friends. For whatever reason it seemed a good idea then. I have never had any interesting interaction with them since… everytime I across such posts I just unfriend. Even if they are not spamming.. I have nothing to see in their family pictures or personal updates! While the same from someone I actually know can be meaningful! So just ‘unfriend’ them!

5. Friends posting random stuff

There are always those friends which post stuff about their company all the time or their bad love life, well the way to go here is change the default subscription to ‘Only Important’ or even just Unsubscribe. This way you still remain friends and can exchange messages but need not see their random posts all the time!

Unclutter Facebook

6. Random Pages

Being a social media marketeer and even generally it can seem interesting to like certain pages you want to know more about. Most of the times however 90% of their content is not relevant nor interesting! So everytime I across these I just ‘Unlike’. Even big brand pages there is a lack of quality in each update! I had written about this earlier every single update of the brand must go an extra step otherwise the fan will take the extra step to ‘Unlike’

7. Facebook games and quizzes

I don’t see updates about these nowadays, but it used to be very annoying a year back or so. Again the thing to do was to ‘Hide all by this app’ so even if every friend on your timeline plays a particular game none of their updates would show on your timeline! Unclutter Facebook

Quite a bit of time needs to be put into this and often it has to be done every week or so… but what a site for sore eyes that have been on the computer for long – the uncluttered Facebook timeline!!


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  • eric.D

    I think you are one of those people who is just ahead of most others in terms of TIME. I’m glad you figured out how to unclutter the most cluttered platform in this world but I thought……Facebook has a vested interest in keeping our wall as cluttered as possible and they will spend all the necessary time, resources and money in figuring out how to do that. I figured that it was just easy to switch to a platform that gives me exactly what I seek: Recommended reading/watching from my friends, no pictures, no random status updates. I switched to Mindspages.
    Thanks for writing and pls continue writing.