Social networks require status updates so frequently! Usually the brand is not so coool that all the updates can be about it! One great way to keep content flowing and keep up the engagement with fans is via current news & event updates. Happening news especially the lighter stuff like a new tech launch or hit music video or movie release are talked about a lot.

For brands this means that their fans are talking about it anyway, so why not harness that ongoing buzz to further their interaction with fans. <— If you note this is actually a good way offline to to engage with people socially as well. Even with friends its usually the most happening topics that we start chatting about!

As a result, I find myself tuned into all the recent buzz news. I keep my eye out on my timeline and see what people are talking about. Even a Bollywood item number that does not interest me in the least, could be used to build engagement for some very youth centric fun brands! Recently coming across a lot about Gangnam Style, a hit Korean music number! As a social media marketeer I find it my professional duty to check it out 😉

Taking for example this Gangnam Style video buzz we can see how brands can use it as part of their daily updates,

1. Share the video

“Its Friday and you know you want to take a break! Why not listen to this Korean hit single that has been making waves around the world! <video link>”

2. Provide Information

Did you know that Gangnam Style refers to upscale fashion and a lavish lifestyle in Seoul?

3. Join the Fun

Behind the scenes video or picture of your team dancing to Gangnam Style. This is especially good for brands who want to stick to only brand related updates! Hell, just get your CEO to dance to it and it may very well go viral :p

Eric Schmidt dances to Gangnam Style,

4. Create Parodies

Remember the innumerable parodies of Kolaveri Di ? Well there are a few of Gangnam Style already. The legality of many of these needs to be checked, but I am sure brands can brain storm and come up with something simple and legal!

Gangnam Style with Rajnikant

There are still more creative ways to create updates around happening news! Of course brands must keep the current news relevant – the fan demographic, brand context etc… Its possible that Gangnam Style itself may not relate to a particular brand, but definitely some current news and events will. It could be technology, politics, art or something else.

Current news and events should play a substantial role in a brand’s daily social content strategy…it is a great way to simply engage with fans!

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