I just came across the term ‘Intrapreneurs’. These are people who work entrepreneurial-ly on a project within a company I had not come across it before and it just struck me that, it is exactly what corporate houses need for a good social media campaign!

Collaboration amidst Silos
For a happening social media presence in big corporate environments there is the need for working across silos. These requires a break from the traditional corporate environment.

Social media is so creative on a spontaneous level that again it does not conform with usual corporate processes which involve many long hours of review. Even though most corporates have at least 2 people who look at every tweet or update that is published on social networks, to really do a good job conversing with customers and fans it requires a high level of competency.

New Field
Social media is relatively new compared to other fields. Best practices and common back-end processes are still evolving. Quick thinking and improvising is inevitable!


Only corporates have to ask about ROI not entrepreneurs because  within corporate machinery these employees often tend to forget to look at real business goals. To make a truly good use of social media the person would have to have clear business goals in mind which all entrepreneurs have because if they neglected business, then they would be sitting twiddling their thumbs and their startup would fail! While corporate employees are usually sitting on a wagon to impress their higher ups

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