A while since the first entrepreneur spotlight post, here I bring you my brother, Kashyap Dalal of Inkfruit! (Applause!!)

I asked him a bunch of questions and below are his replies. I pestered him a lot to give me some masala, some inside scoop but sadly he claimed that there wasn’t any such thing.. we aren’t believing that no way.. haahha but sadly I only have simple, seedha saadha answers here!

On a serious note, I have seen my brother slog quite a lot behind Inkfruit and finally they got a huge funding, became a success and a big company. Currently they have about 200+ employees!

Business: Crowdsourced Design Tees (and now other products as well), Inkfruit

What led you to prefer the idea of starting your own company as opposed to a job?

I just thought that after a while working in a job would become boring. Most things are system driven and its more difficult to create huge value. Starting up seemed like an exciting challenge to take up. I guess it was about finding self satisfaction in doing something that fewer people were doing – it wasn’t “expected” of me.

What would you like to say to anyone who is considering taking the plunge into starting up?
if u r thinking about starting up, u r part of half of the people in a job. Get started n then we’ll talk.

How important is it and how can a startup create a distinct brand?

Every bussiness has to become a brand. Those who don’t close down. Even a xerox shop builds a brand by being known for either its cost, or its quality or its service etc. So the brand built is not necessarily a swanky logo with a long customer promise – its just basic TRUST built thru consistently delivery over a period of time.

Success secrets?

No success secrets as such. Just work hard, be ethical, get good people into your team, always try to delight customers, look for honest feedback (entrepreneurs are usually blind to flaws in their idea) and hope to get Lucky.