It is late for a 2013 post but I have been thinking about this for a while and have been busy implementing it so…. 😉

Whatever form of marketing brands choose the core idea behind it is to ‘increase business’. What I want to do this year is to focus on this end ROI more than anything else for brands I work with.
Generally at DigiWhirl we follow the typical simplified thought process shown below,

our social media marketing efforts lead to increase in brand awareness leading to brand loyalty/recognition and then brand demand. In order to generate significant brand demand for our clients, we first need to build brand loyalty. This takes quite a bit of time! We consider 6 months as minimum time required to build decent brand loyalty in fans (measured via levels of quality engagement with brand).

I am looking at ways to improve the content strategy and make it a lot more adaptable for business generation! I am working on some such campaigns and will share more once I get some results. One example to explain what I am thinking is,

Content Strategy that encourages fan generated content

usually we bring this in later on in the community engagement because it requires more involvement from fans. If we were to introduce this earlier on then it would be that much easier to move to next step where we encourage fans to share their brand related pictures thus leading to actual business

Brand tie-ups

Another idea is brand tie-ups with brands who have similar target groups earlier on itself. The challenge however is finding such brands who are also starting out on social media. If they are more popular they probably won’t want to tie up with us!

This way when I measure the success of social media activities after a few months I don’t want to look at only engagement numbers but also actual business increase! This would also be very useful for startups – in fact it is when working with startups that I feel that its important to bring in clear ‘increase in business’ metric into ROI calculation because otherwise they can hardly afford to be on social media!

Keeping startups in mind it is also often easier to measure an increase in business clearly because the total business numbers are low and can be managed manually. So usually in social media activities there is always an aspect of business generation but what I am thinking of now is go about implementing much more specific biz increasing campaigns. This includes figuring out ways to measure this increase and getting the client to do many back end things to ensure the campaign functions smoothly.

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