I will take two recent popular campaigns in India as examples,

Honeybunny Ad by Idea

This one: http://youtu.be/8HxMymQAVJs

Their goal: advertise their pan-India network coverage – I am not sure they achieved this goal, I myself couldn’t relate the ad and network availability!

Goal achieved: Brand publicity – with “1 million visits on their ad page during the first nine days of the campaign’s launch – credit” they have definitely got major brand publicity!

The ads went viral! The ads were hugely accepted by people, they loved it or hated it but they responded to it!

What is surprising to note here is that the Idea social media properties haven’t really done much around the ad campaign at all. In fact the Idea Facebook Page does not even mention ‘honey bunny’ once despite a lot of posts on Valentine’s Day! You would think that they would want to build on the “viral Honey Bunny song” – “brand Idea” connect!

Cafe Coffee Day – Sitdown Campaign

This one: http://youtu.be/G6BF4KLl2hQ

Their goal: Introduce the ‘cafe culture’ to Indian youth <– I think they achieve this goal and more…

This ad particularly didn’t appeal to me so much so as to go ‘viral’ but it is definitely intriguing especially with the messaging and the use of social media within the ad! They show a lot of youngsters making the sitdown campaign viral via social media in the ad itself!
What I really want to point out are the #sitdown activities done online apart from the ad…

1. Websitesitdown.in is a clever and simple use of an Facebook app to enable fans to create their own sitdowns. They also have some ‘record your sitdown video’ option… Interesting activities though not too popular. The sitdown FB app has some 55 users and the videos don’t seem to load at all!

2. Twitter Contests – #sitdownquestions – just to mention here that I have issues with the way they are managing their twitter. They retweet so many of their fan tweets that it spams my timeline… and I don’t like the theme of their contests they are overdone and too frivolous!

3 Youtube – they have number of smaller ad clips which all together have got close to 60,000 views

4. Facebook – apart from the aforementioned sitdown app there is nothing! Which is odd!

5. Pinterest – They have promoted it on sitdown website, but there is no sitdown content here. Again Odd!

This campaign is actually quite good in terms of the message and the concept! If only they would have gotten the various activities on different platforms to sync it would have made a lot more sense and could possibly have been much more happening phenomenon… almost a brand movement!!

This reminds me of another campaign called ‘Love your Helpdesk’ by Zendesk in 2009. They have closed it now, but at the time it was quite cool and they had the message pretty pat. It was the same across the campaign site, Facebook page & Twitter (https://twitter.com/LYHD)…this was also the time when everything was not ad promoted and people still considering organic, word of mouth publicity the main attraction of social media. The numbers were usually smaller but the ROI was often much higher percentage!
My purpose to showcase the above case-studies is to say that with social media we can create a movement with the right level of branding, loyal community and targeted activities! I don’t think the Sitdown campaign does that but I would say that they have attempted it.
I would personally prefer to create a brand movement than a ‘viral’ campaign because I feel it is more dependable! Here are some differences between the two…

Do share any thoughts that come to your mind! 🙂