Recently came across some brands that are doing interesting stuff on social media. The content they post is pre-dominantly stuff that happens in their place of work. Content strategy for most brands involve serious content generation – usually hours of online research & compiling of status updates – but these pages are able to keep their office or behind the scenes operations so interesting that its all they post on the page and it works!

Vriksha Nursery

I don’t remember how I came across this page but I found it very eye-catching from the beginning. The page is so green, full of flora & fauna! I ‘liked’ the page and decided to watch out for their updates! They are posting daily sometimes even multiple updates a day and its so interesting!! I didn’t know that snake gourd had this beautiful flower did you??

Pictures in social media
Obviously the nature of their work is in their favor. Any brand very B2C like jewellery, animals, plants, travel have things easier for them on social media which is all about conversations. Vriksha Nursery also being a brand about plants, flowers, greenery already has great potential to be a big attraction on social media for precisely this reason,

  • Interesting stories

They can generate so many interesting & exciting stories around their daily happenings!

  • Generate awesome pics easily. The above flower pic is just one example! 

Along with the interesting stories they have exciting pictures which would attract attention even without particularly smart update!

  • Affordable

These plants many of which survive indoors too cost close to 250/- for one, which is easily affordable. So they have a mass target group which makes their work easier!

  • Exotic & Innovation

Apart from their field of work which makes social media for them easier, it should also be notes that the work they are doing is not the usual run of the mill. They are doing some interesting urban planting projects, flower arrangements using exotic flowers and many of their posts include unknown but exquisite flora! This makes it unique! At least I don’t know of any other nursery which deals with such different projects and plants! 

You can see some leads on this update! The update is also very relevant to the urban city folk! Probably affordable too!

You can see some leads on this update! The update is also very relevant to the urban city folk! Probably affordable too!

Its no wonder then that not only are they hugely popular but you can see a number of leads generating on their posts itself and I am sure some of these leads would convert to sales!

So you would say sure well if I had such a fun and cool business I could do this! The fact is that many cool & awesome brands are not able to manage this. Sometimes they don’t have a person in the office who can do this or they just can’t think of portraying their work in short, intriguing updates!!

The second example in this series is  a very different business one that is purely online and doesn’t have any of the above flare but still manages to have a similar content strategy where its all about their work space! It is a lot more informal too but its still interesting! Stay tuned! 🙂