Previously we looked at Vriksha Nursery as an example in this series. With a workplace like that generating social media stories becomes easier. Today I want to feature a Real Estate company in this series. As you can imagine generating content for a Real Estate company is not that easy!

These companies could take the approach of establishing thought leadership in the sector – the top management of the company would have to be involved to generate consistent good quality content around property investment! Even so the content would mainly interest a specific demographic who are into serious reading of that kind… a lot of buyers/sellers may not be interested!

The Corcoran Group have some exciting youtube videos which would appeal to almost all demographics! They simply get their employees to share about their work, lifestyle, likes etc.. What is the most amazing thing that ever happened to you as an agent?, What makes  a perfect NY day?, Your fav NY neighbourhood ? and so on are the different themes they have covered so far.

Sustainable Content Generation

These kind of light and fun video series can easily be generated in any company with a large number of employees. Different themes can be covered thus making it a very keyword rich and engaging content!

Useful Content

A lot of videos they are currently generating would help clients. Many clients may have shifted to a new area in the city or are from a different city altogether – they get tips about what is interesting in their neighbourhood, which are the preferred neighbourhoods etc…

Client Case-studies 

These videos also have some client case-studies in the series “What is your most amazing case or unusual case as an agent?”

Personal Connection with the Employees

In real estate usually the client interfaces a lot with their agent rather than the company as a whole. So this video series highlights these agents and past clients will respond to the videos at least the one by their agent! Even prospective clients will get a feel of the agents in the company and would definitely call the group even if they were hesitating before.

Employee Word of Mouth

Especially  in large companies one of the ways to organically spread your content is to get the employees to share it to their network. This becomes so easy when the employee him/her self is the star in the content. I am sure the agent in the video must have shared the content with his/her personal network on social media.

Employee Engagement

This is a form of employee engagement within the company. So it also becomes an HR initiative and not just social media content generation.

Now that they have the series up and running it seems quite doable in almost any medium/large company, isn’t it? All you need is someone to appreciate that each employee has interesting stories to share and that people would relate to these stories! Then it is just about shooting these videos.

In a similar vein would like to share the UPS blog especially the ’employee’ section. They have a similar series of blog posts about their staff. Its worth a look, I am sure you will end up reading at least a few. 🙂

Next I will be covering a small startup space which is generating some really interesting content right here in Mumbai! Stay tuned! 🙂