Last two blogs in this series I talked about Vriksha Nursery – they utilize their people-friendly work very well to have a hit social media presence, then I looked at Corcoran Group a more serious Real Estate company with a very interesting social campaign around their employees.

In both those posts I was harping about a Mumbai startup that I will cover next.. it is not a startup but more a startup hub. A co-working space where a few different startups are meddling on their ventures. Individually these startup brands have a more focused social media presence relevant to their target group but as The Startup Hub also called JCombinator or Maa Sharda Devi Villa they have a very informal Facebook page about various fun happenings in their co-working space.

Gangs of Amboli ;)

Gangs of Amboli 😉

The above post is one of their most popular ones. It is a picture made into a movie poster similar to a recent mainstream movie. As you can imagine this is very catchy content.

There are a few reasons why I wanted to highlight this page,

Relevant to all Demographics

This content is so funny that it becomes relevant to all. I know only one or two people there and yet not only have I started laughing at some of their updates but also started interacting…

Organic Community Building

Since the advent of Facebook & Twitter ads, contests and viral content creation (which costs big bucks) – the zero budget, organic community building has become a thing of the past. Yet, for a lot of startups this makes a lot of sense.


There is a lot of creativity and imagination that goes into creating fun content just from your workplace. This page is a great place to give you lots of ideas towards the same.

Workplace Engagement

All workplaces should be cool, awesome and fun. This kind of a Facebook page would only add to that kind of environment.

So I asked Annkur, one of the people at the Startup Hub couple of questions…

1. What is the objective behind the page?
Simply fun. It is to share the human side of our work. Years back I heard that having a company blog is the way to show the human side of you. I think times have changed, a Facebook page for our co-working page brings a different level of energy and comfort within the group we interact with.
2. Who generates the content for the page?
We do. Jcombinator is a co-working space for,, and Our people have lots of fun and share some of it on the page 🙂


A lot of startups which have more workplace content to showcase on social media often fail to be creative & imaginative enough to actually pull such a content strategy off. This page content can be honed a little to make it a very competitive content strategy for any brand to have. Some suggestions to make it a lot more dynamic,

Consistent Updates – at least 3 to 4 updates a week

Tagging – the strength of this content is the number of people involved. Tagging them would provide good organic visibility (this is already being done)

Formal – it could use a touch of professional feeling. Maybe just a introduction of various members with their startups or mentioning the startups in the updates about their team. This way the startups also get added visibility.

For most brands this should be one part of their content strategy. I think it works really well to build a personal connect between your fans and your brand. These kind of pages can be easily leveraged for recruitment as well.

So next time I will be writing about another very interesting San Fransisco startup and how they use their work culture to generate content for their community. It is quite an unique example I have come across so stay tuned! 🙂

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