Recently @DigiWhirl we compiled a presentation about some crowd-sourced campaign strategies that brands around the world have used to increase social engagement and customer involvement. It is good for a quick look. The idea is not to copy these campaigns but to get the basic idea behind them and then to figure out a modified strategy which would work for your brand and your social channels.

Some situations where I really recommend brands to use crowd-sourced strategies,
1. Events – A great way to get the people at the event to join your social channels.
One such example is by @Sheepstop which I had covered a while back here
2. People Friendly (& Easily Made) Products – Ice-cream parlors, t-shirt brands,  pet shops, restaurants, plant nurseries, interior design…. etc.. Any company where the customers would love to meddle around with the product.
You want me to meddle around with some ice-cream? – I am totally in! 😉
3. People love the brand
The best example here I think would be – LEGO & their Rebrick Project!
Have you used social crowd-sourced strategies on your communities? Would love to know. 🙂
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